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Jul 1, 2024

"Our hearts are actually designed to empty and fill at the same time, receiving and sending lifeblood with every pulse. If the heart does not empty, it cannot fill." --Cynthia Li

Infinity of an Open Heart

Cynthia Li invites us along on an illuminating experience while kayaking in a wilderness. In the silence and blanket of darkness, she stops paddling and begins to drift. She feels suspended in the “dance of the oneness” -- of past, present, and future. She feels both tremendous terror and tremendous freedom hoping to “trust enough in my aloneness to dissolve fully into this great emptiness.” Cynthia shares further how a path to that great emptiness is through the heart. The heart is “the strongest electromagnetic field in the body… sending and receiving, transforming energy with everything that it touches.” The heart empties and fills. She explains that if the heart holds onto attachments such as "I want this story" or "I like being full," it cannot send. When we empty ourselves, when we connect to our hearts and the emptiness, it opens the space where “life can play and create itself, through me, through all of us,” and create a new story.


Stop paddling, and drift. Let go of any attachments your heart may be holding on to. Instead of "my heart is full," say, "my heart is empty." What life story fills into your heart space? Share the new story with someone.