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Be A Blessing
"There is a question rolling around even in the most secular of corners: What do religious people and traditions have to teach as we do the work ahead of repairing, renewing, and remaking our societies, our life together? Krista Tippett's conversation with Rabbi Ariel Burger, a student of the late, extraordinary Elie Wiesel, delves into theological and mystical depths that are so much richer and m... posted on Feb 25 2021, 528 reads


Our Memories of Water
"I began asking friends if they had any memorable experiences with water. I was surprised by the blank looks I got. Like almost everyone else, ordinarily my relationship with water was unremarkable--like our relationship with air and sunshine. If instead, I'd started asking people, "Do you have any really memorable experiences of breathing air?" I'd probably have gotten even stranger looks. I have... posted on Feb 24 2021, 1,542 reads


The Gift of Ecological Humility
"In my early 20s, I apprenticed myself to the The Queen Mothers of Kroboland in Ghana with the hope of understanding more about my cultural heritage. Early one morning, I arrived at the compound of Paramount Queen Mother Manye Nartike, who was particularly animated by a rumor she had heard about our diasporic practices in relation to land. In disbelief she admonished me, 'Is it true that in the Un... posted on Feb 23 2021, 2,348 reads


Discovering Poetry En Route to Life
"Poetry, my father quoted it frequently, my grandmother collected it in scrapbooks --cards from friends, I memorized snatches of it in school. Poetry really came to me as a young father when my family and I needed to move across the country away from our best friends. It was an unsettled, lonely. time and I started taking walks in the evening to relax. It was spring. Lemon blossoms. Amazingly, ... posted on Feb 22 2021, 2,574 reads


This Land Was Made
"The soil of this land has been altered--altared--by blood, sweat, and tears falling from black and brown bodies. Even when I am not aware of this, I am aware of this. How many ways can we read the refrain, "This land was made for you and me" ? How was this land made? Who was made to do the making? Who is the you? Who is the me?" Poet Ama Codjoe shares more in this powerful essay.... posted on Feb 21 2021, 2,162 reads


A Meditation on Grief
"Grief is one of the hearts natural responses to loss. When we grieve we allow ourselves to feel the truth of our pain, the measure of betrayal or tragedy in our life. By our willingness to mourn, we slowly acknowledge, integrate, and accept the truth of our losses. Sometimes the best way to let go is to grieve." Jack Kornfield shares more here.... posted on Feb 20 2021, 7,155 reads


The Reverence Movement
Growing up the youngest of 10 siblings in a Watts, Los Angeles housing project, and a member of the famed Crips gang, Aqeela Sherrills witnessed from the inside the pain and devastation of the countrys most violent urban street gang war, which would proceed to claim 30,000 lives between 1983-2003. By 1992, he and his brother and a few other key community players had brokered a historic peace agree... posted on Feb 19 2021, 2,905 reads


Barrio De Paz: Peace Town
"Everything in society tells us to distrust others. I think it's the other way around. We need to profoundly trust in those around us, in their potential and in who they are," the grandmotherly Nelsa Curbelo Cora says. In 1999, she walked into the violence infested city of Guayaquil, Ecuador to BE peace. Through her grassroots work, many of Guayaquil's most dangerous gangs have disarmed, agreed to... posted on Feb 18 2021, 1,550 reads


Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times
"Wintering is a season in the cold. It is a fallow period in life when you're cut off from the world, feeing rejected, sidelined, blocked from progress, or cast into the role of an outsider. Perhaps it results from an illness or life event such as bereavement or the birth of a child; perhaps it comes from a humiliation or failure. Perhaps you're in a period of transition and have temporarily falle... posted on Feb 17 2021, 6,038 reads


My Vision Quest
"I must begin by asking myself, 'What do I want?' What do I want, really -- not because of my background and education, self-image and vanity, but what does this 'I' that I am actually want from this short life? Indeed. What, or who am I? And what for? That stops me. And I begin, in silence, to listen - to look up to what I can see and know about the great Universe..."Jim George was a celebrated C... posted on Feb 16 2021, 3,043 reads


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