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Bridges to Cross: A Conversation with Michael Grbich
"As a high school art teacher, Michael Grbich was a gift to his students. He didn't stop there however. It was just like him, on turning 75, to celebrate by tap dancing across the Golden Gate Bridge. And then, showing his true colors, he flew to New York to do the same thing on the Brooklyn Bridge. It had been raining, but that morning as he says, "God shined down on me! The rain stopped and it se... posted on Sep 08 2020, 1,976 reads


Hot Gravy: A Story of Hope and Healing
""Hot Gravy," is a story of hope and healing, redemption and forgiveness, captures one such moment. It is featured in the "Guiding Rage Into Power (GRIP) Course Book," developed by Jacques Verduin, founder of GRIP, a yearlong program that enables prisoners "to turn the stigma of being a violent offender into a badge of being a non-violent Peacemaker." We invite you to take a few minutes to meet Ja... posted on Sep 07 2020, 3,205 reads


Of a Different Yarn
Kelly Lim, a crochet artist from Singapore, takes the traditional craft with hook and yarn to new heights. Having learned to crochet when she was seven years old, her art extends from her Creatures, a series of soft sculptures, to large scale installations which add unexpected visual impact to urban spaces. Landscapes, which she launched in 2019, explores textures from nature. A visit to Japan ins... posted on Sep 06 2020, 1,872 reads


At a Tipping Point -- Towards Healing the Climate
"Climate change is the undercurrent that drives and shapes our lives in countless ways. Journalist Judith D. Schwartz sees the term as shorthand. It's almost as if people think climate is this phenomenon, determined solely by CO2, as if we could turn a dial up or down," she tells me over the phone. We are missing so much." In her quest for climate solutions, Schwartz leans into the complexity of n... posted on Sep 05 2020, 2,591 reads


Ayni: Living Life in the Round
"Today For You, Tomorrow For Me." This is the meaning behind ayni, a living Andean philosophy and practice that awakens a balanced and harmonious relationship between nature and man. In Andean cosmology, this is expressed through complementary opposites such as male/female; sun/moon; gold/silver. Their interaction is a form of reciprocity called ayni. One of the guiding principles of the way of l... posted on Sep 04 2020, 2,436 reads


Brian Conroy: The Art of Storytelling
Brian Conroy is a gifted storyteller who comes alive when he sees people of diverse faiths, races, and backgrounds working together. Founder of the Buddhist Storytelling Circle, a group of storytellers from the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery who perform at interfaith gatherings, he first encountered Venerable Master Hsuan Hua in 1976 and took refuge with the Master in 1994. Bringing together his pass... posted on Sep 03 2020, 2,592 reads


Photographing the Hidden Story
Photographer Ryan Lobo tells how conscience led him to search beneath sensational aspects of journalism for the soul of a story. From this shift he discovers, "Focus on what's dignified, courageous, and beautiful, and it grows."... posted on Sep 02 2020, 2,680 reads


Dial Up the Magic of This Moment
"Few people have stood at the gates of hope through world wars and environmental crises and personal loss with more dignity, wisdom, and optimism than Joanna Macy during her six decades as a Buddhist scholar, environmental activist, and pioneering philosopher of ecology. Macy is also the world's greatest translator-enchantress of Rainer Maria Rilke, in whose poetry she found refuge upon the sudd... posted on Sep 01 2020, 4,074 reads


Revisiting Fred Rogers 2002 Commencement Address
"I'm very much interested in choices, and what it is, and who it is, that enable us human beings to make the choices we make all through our lives. What choices lead to ethnic cleansing? What choices lead to healing? What choices lead to the destruction of the environment, the erosion of the Sabbath, suicide bombings, or teenagers shooting teachers. What choices encourage heroism in the midst of c... posted on Aug 31 2020, 7,783 reads


A Pandemic Letter to My 17-Year-Old Son
"Starting when you were just a toddler, you'd crawl into my lap to play a game. I'd lay hands on each part of your body, naming it aloud. Wed begin with the grass of hair on your head and slowly work our way down to your piggy toes. You soon learned even the regions of your brain, the organs in your torso, and your seven chakras." So begins a touching letter written by a mother to her 17-year-old ... posted on Aug 30 2020, 7,015 reads


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