Gus: A Story of Loss and Love
Syndicated from, May 09, 2019


There is a saying that when we know better, we do better. Such was the case for Gus Mojica, a former gang member. As a young teen, he did what others in his neighborhood were doing without seeing or knowing a better way to live. He recalls vividly the night that changed everything for him. After being in a gang for almost 20 years, he suffered a loss that showed him he had to change. What he has done with his life since then shows how healing deep wounds can lead to a life of meaning and love. The following short film shares his story.

Inspired by Gus's Story?

Learn more about Homeboy Industries, the organization that helped Gus and other former gang members who want to transition into a new way of life. 

Listen to this interview with Fr. Boyle, founder of Homeboys Industries, as he describes how healing deep wounds is at the heart of change for any one of us. 


Syndicated from KarmaTube. 'Gus' was directed by Jack Bushell and Neil Thekdi.

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