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Beyond the Dark Night of the Soul

--by DailyGood Editors, Oct 29, 2019
Note from the Editors: The story that was featured on October 29th, 2019 was run by mistake. As a rule DailyGood does not promote specific health supplements or treatments. This particular article was centered around an individual's positive experience with NAD, a specific form of therapy for addiction. There are significantly conflicting opinions on efficacy and other aspects of the therapy that can be found online but are not surfaced in the piece. The story had been flagged for omitting as it does not fit our publishing criteria, but a backend slip-up on our part led to it being inadvertently featured instead. We have removed the article from our site and apologize sincerely to our readers for the error and any inconvenience caused. For those readers interested in learning more on this therapy we recommend looking up objective publications on the subject, and consulting relevant medical professionals. 


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