Janet Adler: Into the Light
Sep 18, 2023


Janet Adler is the founder of the Discipline of Authentic Movement, a studio practice sourced in the relationship between a mover and a witness. Her teachings in the past 50 years are offered in numerous books, films, interviews and presentations. In May 2022, I visited Janet in her home and Kiva studio on Galiano Island, off the coast of Vancouver, B.C. We embarked on a journey of discovery, a collaborative process that was rich with mutual inspiration and learning, and which developed into a friendship. The result of our work together is the film: “LIGHT | Five Days with Janet Adler". It is a homage to the life and legacy of one of the great teachers of our time, who lived within the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest with her husband Philip. Place is also important: I lived in Seattle for many years, and the music is by cellist Adam Hurst from Portland. -- Jens Wazel 


Jens Wazel grew up in former East Germany, spent half of his life on the American West Coast, and is now based in Berlin. It has been said that he 'gives' rather than 'takes' photos. You can experience more of his work here. 

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