I ignored The Whisper for many years, but it never gave up. 

Lean Back

The Whisper
The tiny little Whisper inside
I made a career out of not listening to it
Until it broke me free
Under the big sky of Montana
Nowhere to hide from the truth
That nobody knew about me
I run a manufacturing plant and I hate it
I am a scientist
An executive
I lean into success
I lead from behind and beside
I am a business woman
At the top of her game
And my Whisper saw something else
She saw me dying
Dying to fit in the boy’s club
Dying to prove my worth
Dying to move the needle
Move faster
Move forward
I couldn’t hear the Whisper that was dying to be heard
Until a quiet moment in the middle of nowhere
Where the Whisper didn’t need to shout to be loud
You are not a business woman
You are not a woman in business
You are a woman whose business
Needs to become
Working in a new way