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What do I do with it?

--by Deb Koffman, syndicated from mindfulnessmadeeasy.blogspot.com, Jan 21, 2015

What do I do with it?

This series is about choices. For every thought, feeling, circumstance, we can choose how to respond. Mindfulness is about noticing the choices we make. I get a physical pain, I lose my job, someone criticizes me, my anxiety is overwhelming, the doctor gives me not so great news, what do I DO with IT?

I could just notice it.

I could ignore it.

I could cover it up.

I could try to get rid of it.

I could erase it.

I could exaggerate it.

I could judge it.

I could be kind to it.

I could change it.

I could deny it.

I could play with it.

I could repeat it.

I could feel it.

I could give it some space.

I could tell a story about it.

I could tell a different story about it.

I could just love it.

This article originally appeared in Mindfulness Made Easy, a blog that offers simple explanations, animations and visual art by Deb Koffman to understand 'mindfulness'.


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