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Jun 8, 2011

"Life has beauty and a joy that transcends all the darkness that surrounds us, that something ineffable lives beyond the ordinary affairs of the day, and that without this mystery our lives would not be worth living." --Kent Nerbern

Cup of Compassion and Grandma's Beautiful Hat

"Suddenly, we heard the sirens of a fire truck and an ambulance parking in front of our house. We are new in this neighborhood, moving in only 3 months ago; opening the door I noticed that some paramedics were running up the stairs of our front neighbor's house. On the side walk, a woman in her thirties was in deep commotion crying on the phone. A scared, desperate 13 year old was half way up the stairs. She looked at me in the eye with a horrifying expression of disbelief. Although she was silent, her soul was screaming. "Everything is going to be alright," I replied in silence. Something beyond the comprehension of our rational minds was occurring." Read the full, real-life story of a beautiful, grounded response by everyday heroes to a dramatically tense situation.


The next time you are faced with someone's suffering, see if you can serve them "a cup of compassion."