By letting go of what is known, you are free to encounter the living present, in all its perplexity and revelation. Just as silence is the possibility of sound, self-confessed ignorance is the possibility of encounter. --Philip Shepherd

The World's Hidden Harmony

The World's Hidden Harmony

Aug 8, 2022-- "We've been blind-sided by our top-down approach. If the body is a bell, resonating to the
world around it, it's as though we have stuffed the bell full of cotton balls that stifle its ringing. The present is whispering to us, "Come and play, come and risk," whatever it may be. But we don't notice. We don't feel the present in that way. We don't feel its presence. We feel it as a collection of things. And as for retiring our self-consciousness and allowing our relationship with the present to be primary rather than the one with the selfthat sort of partnership is almost unavailable to us as a culture. The path to embodiment, if we choose it, means finding those cotton balls in the body--those barriers that dull us to the worldand releasing them and releasing them and integrating them, so that we can once again resonate to the present and find guidance there. If you cannot feel that guidance, all you can do is go it alone; all you can do is guide yourself. And however clever your rational mind
may be at supervising you, it will be pitifully inadequate to the task of assessing the world and finding your way through it in a state of grace." Embodiment expert, author and co-founder of The Embodied Present Process, Philip Shepherd shares more in this powerful interview. (1557 reads)

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