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Mar 2, 2023

"My goal in medicine is to help provide a way to navigate and sort through health information based on an entirely new way of thinking about health and disease." --Mark Hyman

Young Forever: Why Balance Matters

"The hallmarks of aging are how our biology becomes out of balance. Conventional medicine describes the what: what disease, what pathway is dysfunctional, what drug to take. The model of functional medicine guides us to the why, to the root causes of diseases and aging. Many longevity research efforts focus on just treating the hallmarks of aging, without treating their underlying causes. That's where functional medicine comes in. What causes the hallmarks in the first place? Imbalance -- too much bad stuff, not enough good stuff. The beauty of the human organism is that we don't have to know its every gene, protein, metabolite, or microbe. We simply need to know what creates imbalance or balance, and thankfully it is not millions of things. It is a few simple things." Renowned author and functional medicine pioneer, Dr. Mark Hyman shares more in this excerpt from his new book, 'Young Forever: The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life."


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