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Jun 15, 2023

"What cultivating attention to detail introduces is spaciousness, space around thoughts and activities that allows you to live a rich and satisfying life right in the middle of misery." --Darlene Cohen

Curiosity: A Sponge for Terror

"And so I moved from hoping every morning to find myself waking up from a bad dream to realizing that this room and its contents were the only life I had. And this was the body I had to live it with. I started waking up ready to fully live this specific life and get acquainted with what was in many respects a new body every day. I started the day asking, what part of my body works today? What can I do with the part that works? That was thrilling to me: day planning on such a primitive level. As I settled into my new life and its particularities, curiosity replaced fear as my primary ground of being. I wanted to know every little detail about my world. This was because I was beginning to actually take refuge--from despair and hopelessness--in every aspect and feature of my existence." Darlene Cohen shares more in this powerful essay, about sorrow, spaciousness, pain, and the power of curiosity.


Practice introducing spaciousness around your thoughts today -- particularly any that are fear or anxiety-producing.