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Rise Up Again
As we all know but often hesitate to share with others, life can be hard at times. Without community and support, it is even harder. This film highlights the lessons of living with resilience by relying on inner strength held up by the support of community. Mpumelelo Ncwadi from South Africa lives from this wisdom which was passed on by his father who taught him that "You should never live your in... posted on Jul 23 2021, 1,343 reads


Students on Immigration and Unjust Assumptions
The treatment of immigrants and immigration policies in America are hot button topics. These policies, often seen as unlawful and dehumanizing, are catalyzing people across the nation to speak up for change. Prompted by YES! Magazine's student writing competition and Lornet Turnbull's article "Two-Thirds of Americans Live in the "Constitution-Free Zone", eight powerful young voices join this choru... posted on Jul 22 2021, 15,366 reads


Doffing Our Inner Masks: Lessons from Horses
"In this present time, we are being asked to don masks for everyones physical health. Yet at the same time we are being challenged to doff our internal masks for our mental health both individually and as a collective. The horses can support us to remove that inner facade and emerge into a more peaceful and positive future...Interestingly, someone asked me the other day, how do horses deal in time... posted on Jul 21 2021, 3,851 reads


A Counterculture of Commitment
"I have come to believe that this is the defining characteristic of our generation: Keeping our options open. There's this philosopher, Zygmunt Bauman -- he called it "liquid modernity" -- we never want to commit to any one identity or place or community... so we remain, like liquid, in a state that can adapt to fit any future shape. Liquid modernity is Infinite Browsing Mode...but for everything ... posted on Jul 20 2021, 2,742 reads


A Common Humanity: A Conversation with Bob Sadler
One foggy morning 30 years ago Bob Sadler was out looking for the perfect photo along a riverbank. A rowing competition was on. A homeless man happened by, looked at him and said, "I suppose the question for you is--are you an artist or are you just an observer with a camera?" It changed Sadler's life. He thought, "Every corporation that says 'we should pull together' has one of these pictures! Wh... posted on Jul 19 2021, 2,554 reads


Rewilding a Mountain
The sagebrush sea is a landscape of stark beauty and captivating wildlife, yet rapid desertification and extractive industries threaten this vast basin. But at Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge in Southeastern Oregon, a different story unfolds. New aspen explode alongside thriving creeks, migratory birds travel thousands of miles to nest in willow branches, and even the endangered sage grouse... posted on Jul 18 2021, 1,449 reads


The Book of Delights: Ross Gay's Year of Willful Gladness
"On the day he turned 42, the writer Ross Gay set himself a challenge. Every day for a year, he would write an essay about something delightful. He wrote about nicknames, fireflies, reckless air quotes. And about a hundred of those essays are now collected in his new book appropriately enough titled "The Book Of Delights." When he came into our studios, Ross Gay told me that finding those delights... posted on Jul 17 2021, 2,703 reads


Diary of a Young Naturalist
"This diary chronicles the turning of my world, from spring to winter, at home, in the wild, in my head. It travels from the west of Northern Ireland in County Fermanagh to the east in County Down. It records the uprooting of a home, a change in county and landscape, and at times the de-rooting of my senses and my mind. I'm Dara, a boy, an acorn. Mum used to call me lon dubh (which is Irish for bl... posted on Jul 16 2021, 1,432 reads


Practicing the Art of Wonder: Lessons from the Hummingbird
"A Broad-billed Hummingbird hangs for a few seconds, not three feet away. The brilliant sapphire gorget flashes for an instant, and then the tiny bird is gone in a shot, his raspy cry fading like a lost thought into the oaks. I close my eyes and try to feel the impact that the hundreds of hummingbirds I've seen over the past few days have had on my psyche. The swirl of their presence, their diminu... posted on Jul 15 2021, 3,984 reads


Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul
"We know things in the core of our being that we have not necessarily been taught. And some of this deep knowing may actually be at odds with what our culture or religion or nation has tried to teach us. This book is about reawakening to what we know in the depths of our being, that the earth is sacred, and that this sacredness is at the heart of every human being and life-form. To awaken again to... posted on Jul 14 2021, 2,745 reads


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Kindness is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families, and nations.
Paramahansa Yogananda

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