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Bruce Lee's Never-Before-Seen Affirmations
"Although Bruce Lee is best known for his legendary legacy in martial arts and film, he was also one of the most underappreciated philosophers of the twentieth century, instrumental in introducing Eastern traditions to Western audiences. A philosophy major in college, he fused ancient ideas with his own singular ethos informed by the intersection of physical and psychological discipline, the most ... posted on Oct 19 2020, 6,118 reads


The View From Here
Barb Abelhauser worked in an office for 14 years. Then one day she quit, and decided to become a bridgetender on the Ortega River Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida. She planned to work there for a year. Eight years later, she shares the moments of beauty and intimacy of her job, and why she decided to stay.... posted on Oct 18 2020, 2,377 reads


Stories to Tend the Soul of the World
"Dr. Sharon Blackie is a renowned writer and teacher whose work weaves together psychology, mythology, and ecology to reveal how our cultural myths have led us to the individual and collective social and environmental problems we face today and how reconnection with our more ancient mythology would better serve our relationship with the Earth, our souls, and the cosmos. The central premise of her ... posted on Oct 17 2020, 3,966 reads


Judith Blackstone on Trauma & The Unbound Body
As a professional dancer in the wake of a devastating back injury Judith Blackstone found herself lying on the ground in a state of prayerful grief, and desperation. It was then that, by releasing her weight to the ground, she discovered subtle currents of energy could be felt arising from the floor, moving her body organically towards balance. Since childhood she had been aware of a numinous pres... posted on Oct 16 2020, 2,912 reads


Rethinking the Bucket List
How would you live every day as if it were your last? Go skydiving? Attempt to ride a bull for 2.7 seconds? Kathleen Taylor has spent over 20 years as a counselor and community engagement facilitator for the dying and has found that in the last chapter of their lives, most people become their authentic selves. They become courageous - they change their minds, apologize, forgive... they find joy i... posted on Oct 15 2020, 5,955 reads


Crochet Jam: Radical Social Justice Through Folk Art Traditions
"Through my community-art event, Crochet Jam, I do not dictate the creativity process. Participants maintain their agency. There is no need to please me. I have no authority over anyone. I am just the guy facilitating the event. I am just a man on the street, standing behind a folding table that's covered with stripes of torn and cut fabric. I teach single-stitch crochet using a handmade wooden ho... posted on Oct 14 2020, 3,726 reads


Why We Should Take World Octopus Day Seriously
In 2011 author and naturalist Sy Montgomery wrote "Deep Intellect,"for Orion magazine, her piece investigated the inner life of the octopus. "Since its publication this feature remains the most-read Orion article of all-time. On this World Octopus Day, we reached out to Sy for an update on her continued relationship with these eight-armed, three-hearted creatures, and how they might help guide us ... posted on Oct 13 2020, 4,518 reads


Difficult Conversations: The Art and Science of Working Together
"According to a recent survey, if you're a democrat, theres a 60 percent chance that you view the Republican Party as a threat to the United States, and a 40 percent chance that you regard it as "downright evil." If you're a republican, the same odds apply to your perceptions of the Democratic Party. These are telling statistics, a warning that we've lit a fire under our divisive tribal tendencies... posted on Oct 12 2020, 6,516 reads


Peter Kalmus: The Question of Progress
"In every house, there were blue flickering lights going in synchrony because everyone was watching the same TV show. It was a quiet night and I was alone, just walking with the sound of the freeway and the blue flickering lights. And what had seemed normal to me my whole life suddenly seemed strange." This 2015 interview with a young climate scientist at Caltech feels more timely than ever now.... posted on Oct 11 2020, 12,995 reads


Charlie Chaplin: Let Us Free The World
Some call it the greatest speech ever made. This remix puts Charlie Chaplin's climactic address from "The Great Dictator" (1940) into present-day context, showing how the spirit of liberty, brotherhood, and equality that defeated fascism seven decades ago must be urgently reclaimed.... posted on Oct 10 2020, 2,597 reads


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