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Luc and the Lovingtons: Music as a Force of Love
At 6-years-old Luc Reynaud announced to his teacher that he was going to paint the moon. "And what about the Earth, Luc? What about the universe?" Luc felt an electric surge of energy through his body, as his teacher picked up a huge bolt of construction paper and unfurled it across the classroom floor. For the next few weeks, Luc -- along with his friends -- painted the universe. It was a heady f... posted on Mar 29 2017, 2,017 reads


Why Play? This Is Serious
While play is fun, it also has serious benefits -- for everyone. "Play and games (with and without rules) enable us to learn about ourselves, who we want to be, and how we see ourselves in the world. Play has huge benefits for people of all ages, including how to solve problems, gain knowledge, learn to be in a group, and develop creativity and imagination." In this article, Sarah Huxley explores ... posted on Mar 28 2017, 4,830 reads


Are Two Lives Saved Twice as Good as One?
"Are two lives saved twice as good as one life saved?" A decision-analysis expert uses this provocative question as a springboard into an exploration of what we value, how we value it, the costly mistakes we make along the way -- and what we can do about it. He opens with this compelling story from 1922 Munich (and concludes with an equally gripping one about the US Marines in Afganistan): "The te... posted on Mar 27 2017, 5,692 reads


Greeting the Light: A Conversation with James Turrell
"I was a Quaker and then, for a while, I wasn't. And now I am again," Thus begins a deep conversation with one of the worlds most important artists. Learning to fly when he was sixteen, later he flew monks out of Tibet. "I feel like I've had several lifetimes in this life," he says. But light is this artist's subject."My grandmother told me that as you sat in Quaker silence you were to go inside t... posted on Mar 26 2017, 5,457 reads


The Vet Who Is Saving India's Orphaned Animals
For over 16 years now, Dr. Bhaskar Choudhary and his team at the Wildlife Rescue Center in Assam, India, have been working tirelessly to rehabilitate over a thousand orphan and injured wild animals, including elephant and rhino calves, wild buffaloes, tigers, leopards, deer, and birds, and to return to the forest and survive independently. Choudhary also provides information on displaced animals t... posted on Mar 25 2017, 5,242 reads


The Evolution of Gratitude
Malini Suchak, assistant professor of animal behavior, ecology, and conservation at Canisius College, researches gratitude, discovering that "Gratitude is one of the fundamentally important parts of human life." But why is it "as much a part of our social relationships as gossip?" Darwin himself suggested that humans and other animals share the "same emotions, even the more complex ones such as je... posted on Mar 24 2017, 5,995 reads


The Man Who Died and Came Back to Plant Trees
Twenty some years ago David Milarch hovered above the bed, looking down at his motionless body. Years of alcoholism and hard living had booted him out of his life. A cosmic commandment would return him to it. His improbable charge? To clone the world's champion trees - the giants that had survived millennia and would be unvanquished by climate change. Experts said it couldn't be done. Fast-forward... posted on Mar 23 2017, 5,134 reads


Anthony Chavez: Continuing a Legacy of Inspiration
When Cesar Chavez died, 30,000 people showed up to march in his honor. He was the visionary force behind the United Farm Workers union and had led the Farm Workers Movement fighting for civil rights while promoting nonviolence. Anthony Chavez, seven-years-old at the time, knew him simply as --Grandpa. Today Anthony is a leader in his own right, he travels the country speaking on behalf of the Cesa... posted on Mar 22 2017, 3,063 reads


Become Your Own Greenspace
Studies reveal that contentment, interconnectedness and wellbeing levels all increase with exposure to the vibration of natural greenspaces. According to this article 'you don't need a rooftop garden or an acre of forest to create your own meditative biosphere. It can be wherever you are.' When we tap into the vibration our our hearts, this magnetic strength beyond that of our brains, creates a ca... posted on Mar 21 2017, 6,074 reads


Meredith's Joy Jars
"While having trouble transitioning to high school in 2011, my mom placed a big bowl of quotes on my desk to pick from every morning. I grudgingly agreed, but as time went on I realized what a gift this tool truly was. Taping the words of wisdom across my walls and carrying my favorites inside my phone case, I truly believed that each quote I picked was something that I was meant to hear. Later, w... posted on Mar 20 2017, 3,525 reads


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