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The Meadow Across the Creek
At age twelve, Thomas Berry became acquainted with a meadow. That magic moment came to be normative for his thinking: that which preserves and enhances the meadow is good and that which opposes or negates the meadow is not good. He applies this life orientation to economic, political, educational, religious, etc. endeavors. He believes it is by experiencing lilies blooming in a meadow that we reme... posted on Nov 21 2018, 940 reads


Amplifying Data Through Art
With challenges such as overfishing, ocean acidification, and sea level rise rapidly changing our marine environments, it's more important than ever to help people understand and care about what's going on. To this end, artists are working with scientific data and translating complex concepts and new findings into visually stimulating, thought-provoking works. When Philadelphia-based artist Rebecc... posted on Nov 20 2018, 2,226 reads


In the Footsteps of Kabir
Possibly the most-quoted poet-saint of north India is Kabir, the illiterate, 15th century mystic who belonged to a class of weavers in the ancient city of Varanasi. Kabir was a 'nirguni', one who believes in a formless divinity that can be discovered both within and without. With whip-like wit, his poetry scorns outward rituals and displays of piety exhorting his listeners to seek the divine throu... posted on Nov 19 2018, 2,640 reads


Gardening and the Secret of Happiness
"By a shower of gifts and a heavy rain of lessons," a good mother loves her children. This is how author and botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer came to the awakening of true happiness as she realized that the time spent and lost in her garden were the happiest moments of her days. Like her children lost in the wonder of digging in the soil, Kimmerer saw what was most important in her life as she was pic... posted on Nov 18 2018, 2,571 reads


The Man on a Mission to End Loneliness
Mike Niles had a high paying job in London, but felt that something was missing from his life. He gave up his lucrative position to start a charity, b:Friend, to help to eliminate loneliness among isolated elders. In Niles' home town of Doncaster, a quarter of its elderly population is classified as "chronically lonely" by Age UK. An idea that took root after he visited an elderly neighbor who was... posted on Nov 17 2018, 2,497 reads


New Approaches to Healing Collective Conflict and Trauma
The challenge facing seven billion plus people now living on the planet is how to recreate the Third Side for today's conflicts ranging from those with our neighbors to nuclear conflicts. William Ury is one of the world's leading experts on negotiation, co-founder of Harvard's Program on Negotiation, co-author of Getting to Yes, author of multiple award-winning books, and founder of the Abraham Pa... posted on Nov 16 2018, 2,674 reads


K9s for Warriors: Together We Stand
Sometimes it's not the human who rescues the dog, but the dog who rescues the human. K9s for Warriors, a program based out of Ponte Verda, Florida, was established in 2011 to help soldiers experiencing PTSD and other war trauma disabilities. The dogs are trained to be service dogs and address symptoms in their owners such as anxiety, isolation, depression, and nightmares, often serving in conjunct... posted on Nov 15 2018, 1,976 reads


A Modern Elder Muses on Gratitude in Silicon Valley
What defines the modern elder? Wisdom? Success? Or something different altogether? In this article, Chip Conley reflects on his transition to a Silicon Valley tech startup at the age of 52, following a career in the hospitality industry. Surrounded by much younger coworkers, or "the land of the Millennials", Chip quickly realized that being an elder today is less about reverence and more about rel... posted on Nov 14 2018, 3,224 reads


The Boy Who Wanted to Go to School
With hard work, determination, a little serendipity, and a lot of heart, Wubetu Shimelash made it all the way from a remote region of Ethiopia to a prominent U.S. university. This man who once fashioned sandals out of tires now dons a fedora and impresses everyone with his positive attitude, joyous spirit, and infectious smile. It is a story of true success--both for him personally, and for the co... posted on Nov 13 2018, 3,041 reads


How to Break the Loop of Our Destructive Patterns
When we're afraid, we often find ourselves caught up in habitual ways of responding that fail to bring us the relief we seek. "To keep repeating a baleful pattern without recognizing that we are caught in its loop is one of life's greatest tragedies; to recognize it but feel helpless in breaking it is one of our greatest trials; to transcend the fear of uncertainty, which undergirds all such patte... posted on Nov 12 2018, 5,302 reads


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