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Feb 26, 2008

"Long after a deed is done, the trace or momentum of the intention left behind it remains as a seed, conditioning our future happiness or unhappiness." --Gil Fronsdal

Intentional Chocolate

How do you explain the common experience of homemade soup tasting better than the same soup purchased at a restaurant or scooped out of a can? Proposed explanations range from the serious to the humorous. Among the serious reasons, one contributor is undoubtedly the nurturing association between home and food. Another might be an ingredient missing from both the restaurant and the soup can -- the role of good intentions. Under placebo-controlled conditions, would intentions directed toward food be detectable by monitoring mood changes in people who consume that food? In a recent experiment, scientists used chocolate as the test substance. Their experiment investigated whether the known mood enhancements chocolate provides could be further elevated through the use of intention. This one-minute video shares more.


For one week as soon as you wake up and before getting out of bed, try this simple exercise: Spend five minutes bringing your attention to your deepest intention for the day -- whatever that may be. At the end of the week evaluate what impact this has on your daily experience.