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Apr 5, 2023

"Embracing unrest is a journey for life, without a perfect endpoint. It's about changing your way of being with yourself when you don't feel good, so when unrest calls, you approach discomfort and access the power of your emotion." --Sandra Parker

Four Ways We Avoid Our Feelings & What to Do Instead

"We are always vulnerable, with limited control over the things that matter to us. Maybe you want your brother to quit drinking or your kids to get along or your boss to stop being so critical, or you want to protect those you love from harm or you want an end to world hunger and climate change, or you want this magical moment where everyone is all together at Thanksgiving feeling so close and connected to last forever. Whether we want things we like to always stay the same, or we want things we dont like to change, it is not entirely in our hands. And just when we are confronted with our vulnerability, a physical feeling disrupts us. I call this "unrest": our physical experience of vulnerability, announcing the ideal moment to tune in and spark our growth." Sandra Parker, author of "Embracing Unrest," shares more.


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