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Apr 13, 2023

"Power without love is brutality, but love without consideration of power is sentimentality. How to make power express love, and love humanize power, is the distinctive task for the next hundred years," --Reinhold Neibuhr

Mighty in Contradiction: Love Powerfully

"I used to think the opposite of love was hate. But life experience tells me that's not true. Hate is so tinged with other emotions, including love! No. In my understanding the opposite of love is power. Love accepts and embraces. Power refuses and crushes opposition. Love is kind and knows how to forgive. Power is competitive and takes others into account only when it stands in the Winner's Circle. What's most disturbing is that both of these feelings can exist in me at the same time. Power seeks dominion. Its about winning, owning, controlling, running the show; while love is about caring, taking in the message, finding whats needed, seeing what wishes to appear and helping it to flower. Yet, if I'm honest, both live in me." Patty de Llosa shares more in this brief passage.


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