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Apr 18, 2023

"Even if, from the sky, poison befalls all,

I'm still sweetness

wrapped in sweetness

wrapped in sweetness..." --Rumi (translation by Ari Honarvar)

When Relishing Joy is A Radical Act

"For Persians, one of our most precious ways to summon joy is with poetry. I remember one night, in particular, in my home city of Shiraz, Iran, during the war. While sirens blared and the electricity was shut off, warning of an imminent attack, my family and I (feeling especially brave) snuck to our rooftop to watch the anti-aircraft missiles shoot into the air. To my 7-year-old eyes, the brilliant red patterns in the pitch-black sky rivaled the most magnificent fireworks display. But underneath the awe there was a simmering terror brewing in my belly of not knowing who was going to die next. Was it going to be me? My best friend? My sister in Tehran? My teacher? And then someone from another rooftop shouted a verse of Rumi's poetry into the clear night air..." This inspiring article from YES magazine explores the relationship between resilience and the capacity to cultivate joy even in the midst of great crisis.


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