• Between Medicine and Music Jan 22-- Robert Gupta has played the violin all his life, studying at Juilliard and joining the LA Philharmonic at 19, but he also holds a very special interest in neurobiology and mental health. Throughout his adult life, Robert has walked a bridge between medicine and music, but the journey to get there was a long one. In his TED Talk, Robert ...

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  • A Doctor For Life: Ann Petru Jan 21-- Dr. Petru was just starting out as a young doctor when the AIDs epidemic began. She recalls, "As I started seeing a few kids with HIV, my boss and mentor in Infectious Disease at Children's Oakland said, 'I take care of the Department. I run the show. You figure out what to do for these kids.'" Petru couldn't imagine not ...

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  • Community-Led Initiatives that Are Protecting the Natural World Jan 20-- In 2008, Ecuador's leadership rewrote its constitution to include the rights of nature, effectively awarding legal rights to the environment. Indigenous communities have recognized the rights of nature for thousands of years, but Ecuador was the first country to make it a constitutional right by awarding ecosystems legal rights to protect the environment and its people. It was a seminal ...

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  • The Myth of the Risk-Taker Jan 19-- What is the one common attribute that's consistently found among wildly successful people? Money? High education? Lucky breaks? According to Adam Grant, a psychology professor, best-selling author, and researcher in the realm of originality, a love of learning is the key to finding success. It all starts with curiosity. To challenge what is already the norm. To go against the ...

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  • Five Limits Your Brain Puts on Generosity Jan 18-- When we give, we receive. Altruism is something that humans feel the benefit of. We can be incredibly empathetic. But what about the times when we aren't? Science has the answer. The brain actually puts certain limits - boundaries - on our expressions of good-natured giving. Learn about these 5 heart blocking brain responses. Awareness of these limits may allow ...

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  • Patrick O'Malley: Getting Grief Right Jan 17-- In this interview from "Insights from the Edge," grief counselor Patrick O'Malley discusses "closure," his journey, and his approach to grief, which diverges from the traditional five-stage grief model created by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. ...

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