• Red Onions: Transformed by Beauty May 29-- Alanda Greene peeled back the outer layer of a red onion. As the sun caught its redness, lit it up like a ruby, she gasped at the startling beauty of it. Her mind had been elsewhere, grumbling about something that had happened, but she was suddenly called to what the Navajos refer to as the Path of Beauty. Beauty is ...

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  • The Bicycle Machines of Guatemala May 28-- Since 1997, Maya Pedal has been focused on sustainable development in Guatemala. Locals were handed control in 2001. Recycling bicycles from the USA and Canada to create Bicimaquinas or pedal-powered machines is one of the ways the organization benefits the developing nation. But it wasn't always easy. In this video, director Mario Juarez shares how the program kept getting rejected, ...

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  • Helping Young Adults Successfully Transition out of Foster Care May 27-- For children reaching the age at which their foster care ends, transitioning to adulthood can be extremely difficult. While other young adults can rely on their families for advice or financial support, these youth are entirely on their own. First Place for Youth is an organization that is offering 'a hand up' in the transition to adulthood with housing and ...

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  • Spotlight on Kids Who Are Changing the World May 26-- We live in challenging and stressful times and may wonder how our children must be feeling when we are struggling ourselves.But, even as we try to shelter and protect them, we discover that children and young adults are remarkably resilient and that the things that help us to cope in difficult situations are often the very things that make challenges ...

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  • Annie Dillard: Living Like Weasels May 25-- Annie Dillard tells us we could learn from weasels "something of the purity of living in the physical sense and the dignity of living without bias or motive...open to time and death painlessly, noticing everything, remembering nothing, choosing the given with a fierce and pointed will...yielding, not fighting. A weasel doesn't "attack" anything; a weasel lives as he's meant to, ...

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  • The Vibrations of Conflict May 24-- "Cole Porter clearly got it right. But what exactly is it that changes from major to minor when we say goodbye? What permits music to express and stimulate our moods so precisely? How does it ignite or dampen our spirits, make us feel romantic or cynical, lighthearted or blue? Why do simple sequences of musical notes or complex symphonic strains ...

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