• What Critically Ill Kids Can Teach Us Jun 18-- "In 2013, Shay Beider accompanied an anxious little boy into the office of Dr. Fayez Ghishan, the Physician in Chief and a pediatric gastroenterologist at Diamond Childrens Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. The boy was soon to undergo an endoscopy, an invasive scope to examine the digestive tract. Such procedures could be traumatic for children because they required an IV placement; ...

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  • The Third Harmony Jun 17-- In this short film made by the Metta Center for Nonviolence, veteran activists make clear the need for nonviolence on a worldwide scale at this critical stage in human evolution--not just to solve problems in an isolated crisis but as a way of life that can change the world for all of us. According to Dr. Bernard LaFayette, founder of ...

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  • Melanie DeMore: Sending You Light Jun 16-- Singer-songwriter Melanie DeMore has a captivating voice-- a voice that blends her original music with African American folk music, spirituals, and ballads. Through her music and catalytic presence DeMore has uplifted and unified diverse audiences. She has been called in to sing at the bedside of newborns as well as the dying. She has taught and performed in schools, prisons, ...

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  • On Barry Lopez: Now That It's Come to This Jun 15-- "Once, before I knew him well, I asked Barry Lopez the earliest thing he could remember. Without missing a beat, the most widely traveled and sophisticated spiritual seeker in North American letters in a century--a writer of mystical sensitivity and grace, who'd been up to his armpits in snow, tracking wolves in Alaska, and who charted the migration of snow ...

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  • Probable Impossibilities Jun 14-- "In Probable Impossibilities: Musings on Beginnings and Endings, the poetic physicist Alan Lightman sieves four centuries of scientific breakthroughs, from Kepler's revolutionary laws of planetary motion to the thousands of habitable exoplanets discovered by NASAs Kepler mission, to estimate that even with habitable planets orbiting one tenth of all stars, the faction of living matter in the universe is about ...

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  • Her Art Informed Science: Maria Sibylla Merian Jun 13-- "I am an insect ecologist and a field biologist; Maria Sibylla Merian's work forms the very foundations of my discipline. Yet I am ashamed to confess that until relatively recently I was unaware of the magnitude of Merian's contribution to biology. It has only been in the last few decades that recognition for her scientific contributions has had a resurgence." ...

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