• Empowering the World One Bicycle at a Time Aug 21-- Knowledge@Wharton and Michale Useem interview Dave Neiswander, CEO of World Bicycle Relief on their unique business model. The desire to help in a world crisis and providing disaster relief has led to this non-profit that designs for purpose. They are creatively combining philanthropy with social enterprise to achieve results.They now provide their Buffalo bicycles, over 450,000 in 19 countries, ...

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  • It Could Be Worse Aug 20-- In this engaging TED talk, Michael Eselun, an oncology chaplain at UCLA, explores compassion through the lens of a common coping perspective used nearly universally when the going gets tough--"it could be worse." ...

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  • The Power of MLK's Anger Aug 18-- Unlike many who struggle to channel their anger into positive action, Martin Luther King Jr. learned from an early age how he could transform this emotion into something greater. In this compelling article from NPR, King's complex relationship with anger and injustice is explored. "Looking at how King dealt with anger reveals its dual nature--how it can be a motivating ...

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  • Biking with Butterflies Aug 17-- Imagine if you could see the world through the eyes of a butterfly. What would you notice? In this beautifully woven piece, Sara Dykman explores the life cycle of the monarch through recounting her 10,201-mile bicycle journey from Mexico to Canada and back, intimately acquainting herself with newly hatched caterpillars and milkweed-nibbling monarchs. "Though people would gasp each time I ...

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  • One Breath Around the World Aug 16-- Guillaume Nery can hold his breath underwater for more than seven minutes, dive more than 126 meters without air and has run on ocean floors around the world. He is a professional freediver, meaning he dives without breathing apparatus. The sport of freediving is dangerous, but Guillaume Nery and Julie Gautier's film makes it seem peaceful and serene. The film ...

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  • Bearing Witness: The Animal Dialogues Aug 15-- "It was a fortuitous flip to the essay on pronghorns that persuaded me to pick up Craig Childs' The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild. In each intimately wrought tale on antelopes, hawks, and red-spotted toads, I found a writer and translator more versed in the tongues of the non-human world than I will ever be. Childs honors the ...

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The Daily Opportunity in Randomness "The physicist Leonard Mlodinow changes how we think about the ... 8209 Reads

Coastal Communication: A Mother and Son's Moving Collaboration When New York based author and social activist, Jane Jackson ... 5854 Reads

How to Have Difficult Conversations What if collective introspection would help us to better persuade, ... 5761 Reads

Uncomfortable Place of Uncertainty "We weren't trained to admit we don't know. Most of ... 5227 Reads

The Work of Love is to Love "My own time on earth has led me to believe ... 4988 Reads

The Lost Words: Reclaiming the Language of Nature "In early 2015, when the 10,000-entry Oxford children's dictionary dropped ... 4917 Reads

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