• The Deepest Silence Jan 16-- "Ever abiding within and without, overlaid with the mutable patchwork garment we know as this visible universe, silence forms the woof and warp of all things seen and unseen. Yet at any instant it is immanent and accessible. To the mystic, silence is the ground, the core of reality. All else relates to and emanates from it. The deeper elements ...

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  • The Difference Between Fixing and Healing Jan 15-- Encounter the mystery of life and living with Krista Tippet and Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, wise physician, author and founder of the Remen Institute for the study of Health and Illness.
    Through hearing these powerful stories we can sense that our losses, our illnesses have helped us to live fully and to heal not only ourselves but those whose ...

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  • Call of the Mountain Jan 14-- Have ever asked yourself, why am I moved to tears or laughter at the sight of a soaring bird? Have you ever felt deeply drawn to a tree, a river, an ocean or a mountain? Settle in and watch this video. Come home to who you are in this wide wonderful world. Learn how even your smallest daily choices can ...

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  • ˜NYC Books Through Bars Jan 13-- "I recently slipped through a sidewalk cellar door to enter the basement of Freebird Books, a large space crammed with books organized into different sections, where I spent the evening reading letters from prison inmates and selecting and packaging books for them. At least twice a week, volunteers go through the 700-800 letters NYC Books Through Bars, a collective based ...

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  • Simplify Technology with Limits Jan 12-- "The problem comes when we try to figure out how to get a grip on it all, to tame technology to do what we need and then let it go so we can be more present, go outside more, move more, be connected to each other in real life more. Wrangling the chaos into something that we use consciously isn't ...

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  • Waiting to Unfold Jan 11-- Mirka Knaster, fiber and mixed media artist, asks us "How many times have artists thought, while working on a project, 'Will I ever get this completed?' How often do we face seemingly unsurmountable obstacles on the path to turning our vision into reality? And when will we reach the level of proficiency and excellence we aspire to?" These questions are ...

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