• The Robin Hood Army Jan 17-- The Robin Hood Army wields a double edged sword fighting food wastage and hunger with one mighty strike. The initiative in Pakistan began in 2015 with volunteer Robin Hoods filling 100 empty tummies in a week. One year later, the army has mobilized and they plan on reaching 500,000 individuals across seven different countries. This is a simple and truly ...

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  • Grateful Living as a Practice for Every Moment Jan 16-- In this Awakin Call, Kristi Nelson, Executive Director of A Network for Grateful Living, (check out their popular website Gratefulness.org), shares a lifetime focusing on social movement through both inner and outer work. She speaks of the root of gratefulness, the reality of impermanence (she was diagnosed 24 years ago with stage four lymphoma), and the danger that we ...

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  • Rise and Shine: A Morning Pep Talk from Marcus Aurelius Jan 15-- Some days we are full of inspiration and energy to spring out of bed and into the day. Other times, our motivation may be a little more stifled. Where can we turn on those days when we are less than excited about work? Perhaps to the words of the ancient Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, who offered up this advice: "At ...

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  • Can Love Stories Change the World? Jan 14-- Deep within us all lies a tender heart. A heart that's been wounded, heroic, or generous. That guides us with a whisper, or drives us like a sergeant. No matter who we are, where we live, or what we've done, we all have stories with our hearts as protagonist. Love stories. Matt Hopwood believes these powerfully personal, emotive narratives can ...

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  • Civic Beauty Without Permission Jan 13-- It wasn't long before Tony and I were standing on San Jose's Santa Clara Street, cars whizzing by, looking at a vintage concrete bridge. Its sides were tiled. In some places, the tile had been broken off, vandalized. Each panel featured colorful, original designs. The work, obviously, had required thousands of hours. But it wasn't finished and now stood in ...

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  • 12 Questions Around Volunteerism Jan 12-- In this thoughtful piece ServiceSpace founder Nipun Mehta fields twelve probing questions on how to nurture and sustain a volunteer culture."Since 1999, ServiceSpace has been volunteer-run. It's a constraint and an asset. It opens us up to sensing multiple forms of capital...Leadership turns into laddership. Compassion is contagious; instead of pushing, we count on the pull. The metaphor shifts from ...

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