• James George: If Not Now, When? Jul 24-- "International diplomat, author and visionary environmentalist James George is now 98. I met and interviewed him as he was about to get married at the age of 86. Having just received a copy of his most recent book, Last Call, I thought it fitting to revisit this earlier, light-emitting interview. As Jim George says, "You see, Consciousness is permeating human ...

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  • Why We Need to Cultivate Awe in the Workplace Jul 23-- "There's a profound feeling that shifts us outside the box of the routine and familiar and opens us to something much larger than ourselves writes Homaira Kabir. We've all felt it -- the goose bumps on our arms when standing below towering Eucalyptus trees or the expansive feeling in our chests when watching the sun slowly set in the horizon. ...

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  • Letting Love Come In: Lessons from a Nursing Home Jul 22-- "Two and a half years ago my grandmother was placed in a nursing home where she will live out the rest of her life. She has dementia and so her memory capacity has been marred. Somehow though she remembers kindness. She is my constant teacher. One of things we like to do is walk down the ...

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  • Former Dress Shop Owner Feeds Thousands Through Gardening Jul 21-- What started out as a simple gardening project for a grad student has now grown into a multitude of flourishing gardens, and a community coming together. This is the story of how the Randolph Street Community Garden came to give nearly 2,000 people access to fresh fruits, and vegetables and become a place where food, fun, and friendships grow. ...

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  • A Tribute to Pakistan's Angel of Mercy Jul 20-- Amidst the violence and chaos of Karachi, there is a ray of hope: Pakistani philanthropist, humanitarian and a man of grit and strength, Abdul Sattar Edhi. Born in 1928 in Bantawa, Gujarat, India, he later migrated to Pakistan in 1947. From a very young age his mother taught him to be kind towards others. Each day, she would give ...

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  • Three Steps to Living a Life of Gratefulness Jul 19-- "In any process, we can distinguish a beginning, a middle, and an end. We may use this basic three-step grid for the practice of gratitude: What happens at the start, in the middle, and at the end, when we experience gratitude? What fails to happen when we are not grateful?...To be awake, aware, and alert are the beginning, middle, and ...

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Outsmart Your Next Angry Outburst "Robert and Howard had always gotten along well. They'd worked ... 15948 Reads

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