• Small is Better Sep 25-- "As a horsewoman, I've come to see that so many theories that work with eliciting real learning and collaboration for horses, work magically with their human counterparts. The brilliant horseman and trainer (as well as second degree aikido black belt), Mark Rashid, teaches how to reward the try, which rewards a horse in response to any of his micro-tries towards ...

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  • Fleet Maull: Waking Up in Prison Sep 24-- Fleet Maull founded Prison Dharma Network in 1989 while serving a 14.5 year mandatory-minimum sentence for drug smuggling at a maximum security federal prison medical facility. He led a twice weekly meditation group in the prison chapel for 14 years and also helped start the first inside prison hospice program and provided daily care to dying prisoners until his release. ...

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  • Back on My Feet: Running to End Homelessness Sep 23-- Running has been known to alleviate a host of society's woes -- childhood obesity, stress, drug addiction. . . and now we can add homelessness to the list. Not through a 5K fundraiser as one might think, but through a program that actually empowers homeless people to run. Since 2007, Back on My Feet has been providing homeless people the ...

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  • Lessons from Living in Nature Sep 22-- Nisha Srinivasan and her husband Ragu Padmanabhan had Silicon Valley careers, when in 2008, soon after having their son Aum, they promptly sold everything and moved to rural India. They wanted to farm, but had no experience in it and so set out as students of the land -- for instance, when they planted 9000 trees on their barren land, ...

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  • Seeking Better Ways of Thinking & Being Sep 21-- "The small street-level space that had been a pop-up office for fresh Helsinki-based start-ups, transformed perfectly into a gallery. A long table, dozens of colorful post-its, and a bulky arcade game gave way to mixed-media artworks and narratives arranged on the walls, and a 1:1 outline of a solitary confinement cell taped onto the floor. A decal on the window ...

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  • 'Tashi & The Monk' Wins an Emmy! Sep 20-- Lobsang Phuntsok is a former Tibetan monk who trained with the Dalai Lama and spent years teaching Buddhism in the West. In 2006, he moved back to establish a community in the Himalayan foothills for orphans and impoverished children. Phuntsok remembers, "My birth wasn't something to celebrate. I brought a lot of pain and embarrassment to my family. That's ...

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