• Duane Elgin On Voluntary Simplicity Mar 28-- Duane Elgin, a visionary with a Wharton MBA and a master's degree in economic history, speaks out about the shift into another future away from the consumer mentality which has driven history for hundreds of years. He says we are in a time of great transition, unable to keep the materialism of our consumer society going. In this wide-ranging interview ...

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  • A Gang You'll Want Your Kid to Join Mar 27-- The words 'gang' or 'posse' have negative connotations for most people. But not for Deborah Bial. After an aha-moment with a college drop-out, she would go on to form the Posse Foundation, one of the most comprehensive college access programs in the United States. How successful is the program? The list of former Posse graduates is undeniably impressive: Harvard grads, ...

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  • Black Madonna: A Song of Forgiveness Mar 26-- "In 1981, two white supremacists brutally murdered an eighteen-year-old black boy in Mobile, Alabama. During the trial, there was an astounding moment: one of the men expressed true sorrow for what he had done. Everyone took a breath. And the boy's mother, Beulah Mae Donald, forgave him." The ability of human beings to love, even those who have deeply wronged ...

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  • How To Retrain Your Brain With Three Words Mar 25-- Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, authors of the best-selling book 'Freakonomics,' are back again in an effort to help retrain your brain when it comes to solving problems. From small issues to major crises, in fields ranging from business and philanthropy, to sports and politics, Levitt and Dubner offer up a self-help manual for how to think more ...

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  • Can Connection Cure Addiction? Mar 24-- "It is now one hundred years since drugs were first banned -- and all through this long century of waging war on drugs, we have been told a story about addiction...This story is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we take it for granted: There are strong chemical hooks in these drugs, so if we stopped on day twenty-one, ...

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  • 14 Surprising Ways To Boost Your Creativity Mar 23-- One of the most pleasurable aspects of the human mind -- creativity -- also just happens to be one of the mind's most elusive aspects as well. So for many people, it is often very hard to get a firm grasp on the keys that unlock creative potential when searching for it. This article offers up 14 useful ways ...

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No Regrets: Living With Dying Patti Pansa knew the common regrets of the dying, and ... 28406 Reads

34 Affirmations For Healthy Living "When day-to-day life seems to revolve around providing for others, ... 26114 Reads

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A Brief History of Happiness What happened to happiness? In the United States, we seem ... 19513 Reads

The Art of Stillness Giving up what seemed like an exhilarating life and a ... 19302 Reads

Why Happiness Is The Wrong Pursuit "On some abstract level, we know that money and other ... 17891 Reads

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