• Holding Circles of Healing Mar 20-- "In 2017, we released our labor of love film, "TeachMeToBeWILD: A Story of Hurt Children and their Animal Healers". This film is a universal healing story that brings together many interconnected elements: children, animals, nature, silence and the power of safe, non-judgemental listening spaces. One of our greatest inspirations to make the film was witnessing how Steve Karlin and John ...

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  • Children, Anger Control and Inuit Wisdom Mar 19-- "Traditional Inuit parenting is incredibly nurturing and tender. If you took all the parenting styles around the world and ranked them by their gentleness, the Inuit approach would likely rank near the top. (They even have a special kiss for babies, where you put your nose against the cheek and sniff the skin.) The culture views scolding -- or even ...

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  • The Naked Voice: Transforming Life through the Power of Sound Mar 18-- "Your voice is as unique as your twelve-stranded DNA. However, many don't know how to access it. Our schools and social conditioning don't offer many clues. Yet the human voice is everyone's birthright. It is a universal given, a bridge between the worlds, the soul's messenger, a gift of spirit capable of inspiring evolutionary shifts in consciousness. Your authentic singing ...

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  • A Moment with Mr. Rogers Mar 17-- "I interviewed Fred Rogers, creator and host of television's Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, by telephone a few years before he died. The occasion was the publication of his new book. Mister Rogers arrived on television after I grew up but I'd watched his show with our young daughter. She and I both preferred the often frantic Sesame Street, finding the Neighborhood ...

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  • Family Is Helping Others to Heal Mar 16-- Oscar Grant III was an unarmed Black man killed by a police officer in Oakland, Calif., years before Black Lives Matter drew national attention to the growing number of unarmed Black men, women and children who die at the hands of law enforcement officers what some scholars are calling an epidemic.Jan. 1 marked 10 years since the 22-year-old father was ...

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  • Eight Tips for Fostering Mindfulness in Teenagers Mar 15-- Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful teacher? In this article, mindfulness educator Patrick Cook-Deegan shares what he's learned about how to connect with teenagers in the classroom. From the importance of class size and curriculum, to when students are most engaged, these tips offer valuable insights into the challenging and rewarding world of teaching. ...

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