• Big Questions From Little People Sep 1-- Do animals like sheep and cows have accents? Why do we cry? Is new technology always good? The art of asking big questions often comes from brave little people who are innocent to the complexities of the answers. Sometimes, it takes a whole book and the world's leading experts to respond to these simple yet profound inquiries about life, nature, ...

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  • Of Webs, Boxes and Boundaries Aug 31-- Margaret Wheatley shares: "When my children were small, I had a slogan on my refrigerator that read: 'If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.' Perhaps that was my children's first lesson in systems thinking. We adults learn this, too. If others are struggling, we experience the consequences of their struggle. If others don't feel safe, we aren't safe. Great teachers ...

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  • Radical Kindness: The Banker Who Gave It All Away Aug 30-- On the surface, Philip Wollen does not look like the radical type. Named as one of the top-wanted executives in Australia, he was a vice-president of Citibank when he was 34 and a general manager at Citicorp. Around 1990, however, Philip decided to give away 90% of his capital. His aim, he says, is to die broke; to give away ...

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  • 4 Ways Sadness May Be Good For You Aug 29-- Evolutionary theory suggests that we should embrace all of our emotions, as each has an important role to play under the right circumstances. So, though you may seek ways to increase happiness, don't haphazardly push away your sadness. No doubt, it's there for good reason, as research suggests that mild, temporary states of sadness may actually be beneficial in handling ...

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  • From Hero To Host Aug 28-- For too long, too many of us have been entranced by heroes. Perhaps it's our desire to not have to do the hard work, to rely on someone else to figure things out. But perhaps it's time for us to face the truth of our situation -- that we're all in this together, that we all have a voice ...

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  • Kindness In An Age of Connected Disconnection Aug 27-- Years ago, we didn't have to try so hard to stay connected. People lived in neighborhoods, and there weren't many strangers that didn't ultimately become friends. We watched over one another with relationships built upon a foundation of shared interdependence, ensuring plenty of kindness to go around. Sadly though, through our own scientific progress, we now live in an age ...

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