• Touch as Nutrition Oct 16-- Is it any coincidence that when a friend or loved one does something nice for us, we feel "touched"? As John Tuite, founder of The Centre for Embodied Wisdom, tells us, "We mistakenly think that touch occurs on the periphery of our self, a skin thing." But as he shares, touch is a crucial piece of our health and development, ...

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  • Falling Through Our Stories Oct 15-- On a 1995 trip to Peru, Jolanda van den Berg's heart was captured by the street children of Cusco. Six months later she left her home in Amsterdam and moved to Peru for good.Over the last 25 years, her work has supported thousands of vulnerable children through a network of unconventional programs.Six years ago in the immediate aftermath of a ...

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  • Aura Glaser: Moments of Beauty Oct 14-- "There are obviously so many ways of talking about beauty because it is one of the great mysteries. Beauty is truth, beauty is radiance -- and everything radiates its own beauty and aliveness in a way that does not require anything from anyone. It is beauty in and of itself. I think that when we experience beauty, we are experiencing ...

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  • The Spirit of Yes Oct 13-- "When was the last time you were completely and joyfully astonished? What was your last amazing surprise? How often do you feel filled to the brim with "yes?" In the midst of a growing tide of chaos and anxiety, many of us retreat into the comfort of predictability. Routines turn into ruts. The miracles of our days pass by un-cherished. ...

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  • Change Happens at the Edge of Our Comfort Zone Oct 12-- "When we isolate our tension and explore the feeling of space, or energy, then at some point, we reach the edge of our comfort zone. At the edge of our comfort zone, we have the possibility to change... In the process of change, the whole body starts to open up -- it starts to express itself as a whole. When ...

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  • Health & Justice: The Path of Liberation Through Medicine Oct 11-- "I am the mother of two beautiful mixed heritage boys. I am a farmers wife. I am a physician who works in adult medicine, witnessing societys ills manifest in my patients bodies, a doctor who sees racism and state violence as urgent public health issues. I am a touring musician who has played in 29 different countries singing in 5 ...

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