• A Stranger's Life-Saving Gift Jul 24-- On July 2, Stephanie Headley was counting the days she had left to live. The Ottawa woman is suffering from an autoimmune disease that, without expensive treatment, will cause her heart to fail. On July 3, thanks to a mysterious stranger who showed up at her door, she had in her hands more than enough money to get the treatment ...

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  • The Innovation of Loneliness Jul 23-- While our focus is shifting towards individual achievements over community, more and more people are feeling lonely. They feel vulnerable opening up to others for warm, friendly, heart-to-heart conversations. Then, along comes social media...As people share and chat from islands of isolation, filtering and massaging information, they are undermining the genuine credibility of conversation. Bits and pieces of tweets, posts ...

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  • Maya Angelou On Identity & The Meaning of Life Jul 22-- Through the sheer tenacity of her character and talent, despite being born into a tumultuous working-class family, abandoned by her father at the age of three, and abused in her childhood, the late Maya Angelou became a cultural phenomenon. This interview from 1977 brings us timeless wisdom from this phenomenal woman, as she explores issues of identity and the meaning ...

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  • The Age of Outrospection Jul 21-- In the age of outrospection, the journey lies in taking a whole-hearted leap into the shoes of another. Outrospection, defined by Maptia as understanding "life through the eyes of others, fostering an adventurous curiosity for other lives and places beyond our own experience." Widening our circle of compassion from loved ones to embrace all beings with care and goodwill not ...

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  • Ten Things Creative People Know Jul 20-- Do you consider yourself creative? If you answer, "no," you are in the majority; most people don't think they are creative. It turns out, though, that you don't have to be a great artist to be creative. Creativity is simply our ability to dream things up and make them happen. Cooking breakfast, planting a garden, even developing a business plan ...

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  • America's Most Tenacious Gardeners Jul 19-- Camden, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, has about the worst of any city in America. It's been ranked at various times as both the poorest and the most dangerous. As so many flee the violence and crime, it may seem strange that others are literally putting down roots. A recent study revealed that Camden's gardens may be the ...

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