• DailyBread: A Simple Idea That's Feeding The Hungry Oct 30-- Simplicity can be disarming. That's what Carolyn North discovered. It started with an impulse to save the leftover Thanksgiving turkey her neighbor had discarded as trash. Thirty years later, she and a rotating team of friends-turned-volunteers have been quietly recovering surplus food and delivering it to free food shelters and pantries across the San Francisco Bay Area. ...

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  • How To Practice Self-Compassion Oct 28-- We live in a society where we often feel as though we are in a state of constant competition in all areas of our lives: work, relationships, hobbies, and in turn, we are often overly self-critical. Practicing self-compassion can help us to restore feelings of self-worth and instill an inner peace to propel us in our actions. ...

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  • From Silos To Solution EcoSystem Oct 27-- Through the ongoing progression of the internet and social media, the conventional and long-established way of doing business is starting to see a huge shift in how things are getting done. In William Eggers and Paul Macmillan's book, 'The Solution Revolution,' they describe a new dynamic in which various groups can move toward their goal much more productively than if ...

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  • Jane Goodall On How To Reach Our Highest Potential Oct 26-- Enjoy this wonderful video from NOVA's series "The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers," where Dr. Jane Goodall, the world-famous primatologist, talks about what she feels is one of life's most important aspects -- empathy. Not only does she believe empathy plays a key role in her studies of chimpanzees, but she also feels strongly that having empathy for other ...

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  • Eight Keys To End Bullying Oct 25-- "I am hopeful. I believe we have an opportunity to change the culture of bullying among young people and I think the answer begins with those who live and work with young people every day. It is not complicated policies or grandiose programs that make the most difference, but rather consistent, daily, nurturing acts of reaching out to both children ...

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