• Thirteen Ways of Looking at Community Aug 29-- Whether we know it or not, like it or not, honor it or not, we are embedded in community. Whether we think of ourselves as biological creatures or spiritual beings or both, the truth remains: we were created in and for a complex ecology of relatedness, and without it we wither and die. This simple fact has critical implications: community ...

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  • They & The Emotional Weight of Words Aug 28-- "Language is the space in which we carve a place for ourselves, where we demand to be seen. A reflection point for culture, community, and family to acknowledge our existence on our terms." For many, the pronouns 'he' and 'she' are limiting and do not adequately express their identity. "The entire lexicon for how we understand gender is shifting. For ...

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  • The Left Shoe Aug 26-- Remember the joy of a new pair of shoes? This beautiful film, based on a story attributed to Gandhi's life, depicts the lives of two boys. It is the first film by then, 20-year old filmmaker, Sarah Rozik, and won the Jury's special award in the short film category at the 2014 Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival. ...

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  • To All Artists Known and Unknown Aug 25-- "The radiant little man died at the Art Institute. I knew he was homeless and hanging out at the school, but I was unaware that he was living there. He died of exposure over Christmas break, and when he was found beneath a concrete overhang on the Jones Street side of the school, they found a number of sketchbooks in ...

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  • Is Artistic Inspiration Contagious? Aug 24-- When you hear the word contagious, most people assume it applies to catching the flu or a cold from someone. But researchers are now finally testing to see if there is some contagious inspiration between reading and writing that would ultimately show "the power of the written word as a vehicle for sharing the peaks of human experience." ...

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  • Living Gandhi's Message In Inner City Oakland Aug 23-- Francisco ("Pancho") Ramos-Stierle's life changed abruptly when he learned that the university where he was pursuing his PhD was working with an outside laboratory to develop next generation nuclear weapons. At that time, he refocused his life on service and activism. He explains, "I began to evolve my definition of success. It wasn't just about me getting to do what ...

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