• Finding Those Three Magical Words Nov 27-- How easy is it to "love your neighbor" when your intoxicated neighbor wakes you up in the middle of the night and insults you? For people dedicated to the path of nonviolence, like Arun Dada and his wife Mira Ba, it's not only the right thing to do, it's the only thing you can do. Instead of getting angry, ...

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  • College For All: Sebastian Thrun, Udacity Nov 26-- Most employers agree that new graduates lack the skills necessary to succeed. And yet, the cost of college tuition is rising far faster than the average family can afford. The frustration is clear; change is desperately needed. Now, thanks to innovators like Udacity and Coursera, and the advent of "massive open online courses" (MOOCs), both students and employers are being ...

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  • Sources of Light Nov 25-- When Kobun Otogawa was asked in the wake of 9/11, "How can I deal with the enormous fear and anger that I feel about what happened?" He replied simply, "Do one kind thing for someone every day." And though the advice might seem overly simplistic, it does cause us to realize - that it is through our own light that ...

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  • How To Realize True Wealth Nov 24-- The world is filled with abundance, but because we stay tuned into what we do not have, we can spend our lives grasping for more, never really arriving. In this heart-felt piece, Americ Azevedo at the University of California, Berkeley, asks us to awaken to the true and profound wealth we have all been blessed with. "To awaken to this ...

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  • Is There A Right Way To Get Angry? Nov 23-- Anger can cause us a great deal of hurt, but it can also be a positive force that propels us to act and can spur creativity and fuel success. It is all about how we manage our anger in those instances when we feel overwhelmed by it. Read further to learn more about 'the right way' to get angry and ...

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  • Vancouver's Pop-Up Shelters Nov 22-- A Vancouver-based advertising company teamed up with a grassroots advocacy group to extend kindness to the city's homeless population in a beautifully creative way. "During the day, the [bus] benches serve as seating for those waiting for the bus to arrive. At night, the front lifts up and out to create an overhang." Acts of kindness like these stand out ...

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