• To Be Content Is to Be Grateful Aug 20-- Even after the most traumatic events, we can still find contentment. One way to achieve this is through gratitude. When Cynthia Mee lost everything in a house fire, instead of looking at it as something destructive, she saw it as educational -- grateful for the life lessons she never would have encountered had it not happened. She was grateful for ...

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  • The Three Sacred Tasks: A Climate Scientist & Father Reflects Aug 19-- Disconcerted by the dramatic changes underway in Earth's climate systems, Climate scientist and father Peter Kalmus set out on a quest to change his life and the world. A quest that led him ultimately to cut his climate impact to less than a tenth of the US average, while simultaneous increasing his sense of joy and fulfillment. What follows are ...

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  • Rosanne Cash on How Science Saved Her Life Aug 18-- In a prelude to her reading of Adrienne Rich's poetic tribute to Marie Curie, Roseanne Cash discusses the insights she gained as she battled to find a cure to her debilitating headaches. She realized the source of her creativity 'comes from the same room as her deepest pain' and argued that we have to listen deeply to our inner truth: ...

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  • Algorithms & Love: Dancing with the Creative Tension of Our Time Aug 17-- "The data we can extract, the data we handily give up for the sake of short-term convenience or simply out of ignorance, is of monumental proportions. But we extract all this data to what end?" In a recent talk, ServiceSpace founder Nipun Mehta paints a vivid picture of today's world -- a world where algorithms powered by big data undergird ...

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  • Enrique Martinez Celaya: Self and Beyond Self Aug 16-- The work of artist Enrique Martnez Celaya speaks for the dignity of interiority in a world absorbed by the external. Having essentially earned a PhD in quantum electronics, widely read in philosophy, a poet and writer, few are more qualified. He observes, "I don't think the last century will be remembered as the age of computing or nuclear power, but ...

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  • Experiments in Kindness Aug 15-- Audrey Lin is a volunteer extraordinaire with ServiceSpace. With a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, Lin has volunteered at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India; at Karma Kitchen in Berkeley, California;and has served as an educator on both the east and west coasts of the United States. While not everyone has the ability to travel abroad to volunteer, Lin's ...

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5 Invitations: What Death Can Teach About Living Over the course of thirty years, those who were at ... 11790 Reads

The Sacred Art of Pausing When in the middle of things we can't control, our ... 11394 Reads

Music, the Brain & the Secret Language of the Heart When was the last time you heard a song that ... 10067 Reads

How to Be a Lifelong Learner Barbara Oakley has spent much of her life discovering her ... 7650 Reads

The Women in Spiti Valley who are Saving the Snow Leopard In the Spitian language, "shen" means snow leopard. Located in ... 7350 Reads

In Praise of Melancholia The science of behavioral epigenetic explores how melancholy can be ... 7147 Reads

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