• The Library of Things: Sharing More Than Books May 25-- Ever been in a situation where you want to take on a Do-it-Yourself project, only to be demoralized by having to go out and buy an item that you know you will likely use just once? Well, enter the local library in Sacramento, Calif., to perhaps -- once and for all -- solve this dilemma. Their project, aptly named the ...

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  • The Thank You Project May 24-- In 2004, Kellie Haddock and her newborn son were in a horrible accident that took her husband's life. 10 years later, Haddock spent 6 months tracking down the people who saved her son's life and organized an event in their honor. Some of the caregivers had never been thanked before for what they do. "There is so much wrong in ...

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  • Finding Meaning in a Digital Age May 23-- Almost 200 million bloggers on the internet create a new blog every half second. Homaira Kabir regrets that writing "now comes in bite-sized pieces for a public looking for ease and entertainment, and hungry for information." But in her grandfather's journal she read about "a time where people had the heart to pause their own lives in order to ...

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  • How One Woman's App is Feeding Thousands May 22-- Komal Ahmad was a student at UC Berkeley when she experienced a life-changing moment. She had just returned from summer training for the U.S. Navy when she met a homeless veteran on the sidewalk. He hadn't eaten in three days. Yet, across the street, thousands of pounds of uneaten food was being thrown away by her school. This was unacceptable ...

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  • Smart By Nature: Schooling for Sustainability May 21-- "There is a bold new movement underway in school systems across North America and around the world. Educators, parents, and students are remaking K-12 education to prepare students for the environmental challenges of the coming decades. They are discovering that guidance for living abundantly on a finite planet lies, literally, under their feet and all around them -- in living ...

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  • The Art of Medicine: W.H Auden & Oliver Sachs May 20-- "The poetry of W.H. Auden was among Oliver Sacks's formative books. When the two men eventually became friends in the final years of Auden's life, Dr. Sacks was still a thirty-something neurologist with little more than a weightlifting record under his belt, a long way from becoming the Dante of medicine. Auden became an invaluable mentor as the young writer ...

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