• Jacob Needleman on Money and the Meaning of Life Jul 4-- How do we bridge the inner realm of spirit with the outer world of material? Writer and philosopher Jerry Needleman has been pondering this question (and many others) for years. Here in a fascinating dialogue he shares his perspectives on "Money and the Meaning of Life." ...

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  • Building a Reading Revolution Jul 3-- As more and more people obsessively stare into their smart phones and tablets, the world seemingly grows a little more disconnected. But the folks at The Reader Organization, an award-winning charity and social enterprise, have gone about reversing that trend by offering to get people together to simply read aloud to each other. The benefits of this straightforward exercise are ...

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  • The Power of Landspeak Jul 2-- Under pressure, Oxford University Press revealed a list of the entries it no longer felt relevant to a modern-day childhood, including acorn, bluebell, buttercup, dandelion, ivy, lark, and mistletoe. The outdoor and the natural are displaced by the indoor and the virtual -- a small but significant symptom of the simulated life we increasingly live. And what is lost is ...

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  • The Cross Road of Should & Must Jul 1-- "When we choose Should, we're choosing to live our life for someone or something other than ourselves. The journey to Should can be smooth, the rewards can seem clear, and the options are often plentiful...Must is different. Must is who we are, what we believe, and what we do when we are alone with our truest, most authentic self. It's ...

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  • Saturday In New York With Gitanjali Jun 30-- Gitanjali Babbar is a curious spirit who is gently shaking the world with her selfless service. As the founder of "Kat-Katha" in Delhi, she is bringing community and love to the otherwise bleak existence of sex-trafficked women, their families, and even brothel owners. The community is growing strong and volunteers are pouring in. But, during her recent visit to Manhattan, ...

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  • How to Transform Stress Into Courage and Connection Jun 29-- "Stress doesn't always lead to fight-or-flight, says Kelly McGonigal. It can also activate brain systems that help us connect with other people." In this article, McGonigal summarizes the social science research that explains how a certain response to stress changes the brain's biochemistry in surprising ways. ...

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I Wish My Teacher Had Known... Elementary teacher Kyle Schwartz recently came up with an activity ... 16173 Reads

Love After Love: An Ode to Being at Home in Ourselves It is often said that in order to truly love ... 16091 Reads

What to Focus on Instead of Goals "We all have things that we want to achieve in ... 15870 Reads

David Whyte on the True Meaning of Friendship, Love & Heartbreak After a certain age, words flow from us, often without ... 13485 Reads

Life Starts at the Edge of Our Comfort Zone "The sounds of a dance tune blast through the carriage ... 13161 Reads

Joseph Campbell on How To Find Your Bliss Joseph Campbell's dictum, "Follow your bliss," has come to encapsulate ... 12050 Reads

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