• The Power of Dabbling: How Hobbies Make Us More Creative Sep 24-- Productivity expert James Clear uses behavioral science to help nearly half a million newsletter subscribers optimize their habits. Here is his recent filmed conversation with bestselling author Steven Johnson (author of ten books, including Where Good Ideas Come From and, most recently Wonderland, highlighting the influence of wonder and delight on the movements that shape history). This conversation shares more ...

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  • What Fear Can Teach Us Sep 23-- We all have fears, some of which can be quite vivid for those with active imaginations. As children, we’re encouraged to think of fear as a weakness, something we must conquer, fight, or overcome. In this TED Talk, Karen Thompson Walker invites listeners to conceptualize their fears in a different way: as stories. Fear is an unintentional form of storytelling, ...

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  • Skateboarding Like a Girl Sep 22-- Behind the sweet, innocent eyes of a young girl is a strength of resolve, waiting to show the world what she's made of. Sisu - the Finnish word for 'determination, courage and resilience' - is this spark of strength that Chloe Chick - mother, and founder of the organization 'SisuGirls' - aims to inspire in young girls all over the ...

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  • The Remarkable Story of An Artist Who Never Spoke a Word Sep 21-- Judith Scott was born deaf and with Down Syndrome. She never spoke a word. Beginning at 7 years old, she spent much of her life in state institutions, up until 1986 when her sister Joyce was awarded legal guardianship. While living with Joyce, Judith discovered Creative Growth, and her love of creating art. She spent the rest of her life, ...

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  • Tending to Your Inner Weeds Sep 20-- Tending to your garden is said to be good for your soul, but what if you tended to your life as you do your garden? In this piece, writer Alanda Greene discusses the lessons her garden weeds have taught her about paying attention to her inner weeds; those habits, behaviors, and tendencies we all have, and often ignore until they ...

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  • This Incredible Fact of Being Alive: Sep 19-- "I remember writing somewhere that art took me over before life did. I think of myself, and other artists, as the growing edge of a 30,000-year old body of people who made the drawings in the caves, the Pompeii murals, Sumi-e paintings, Rembrandt, Picasso, Grandma Moses. The artists before us were helping to keep the world alive, as working artists ...

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