• Honorable Harvest: Indigenous Lessons in Giving Thanks Apr 27-- In a consumer-driven society, it's easy to take for granted the abundance of Earth's natural resources by which we're surrounded: fresh air to breathe, plants, water, and food. What if we looked at each of these life-giving sources as gifts, fellow persons even, rather than mere objects for our taking? YES! Magazine writer Robin Wall Kimmerer challenges readers to consider ...

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  • Will Rosenzweig: Business Lessons from a Quiet Gardener Apr 26-- When William Rosenzweig learned he had been awarded the prestigious Oslo Business for Peace Award via a Google news alert -- he immediately assumed it was spam. But it was in fact real. A 2010 recipient of this award, selected by a committee of Nobel Laureates for the highest distinction given to a businessperson for outstanding accomplishments in the ...

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  • Crazywise: A Filmmaker Explores the Heart of Mental Illness Apr 25-- Phil Borges is a dentist-turned-photographer, author, filmmaker and social change storyteller. For more than 25 years, he has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures in some of the world's most remote, inaccessible areas. His recent film Crazywise reveals a paradigm shift that's challenging the way Western culture defines and treats "mental illness" and highlights a survivor-led movement demanding more choices ...

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  • Designing for the Circular Economy Apr 24-- What do you do with a toaster when you no longer want it? Until recently, no one thought about that question until the toaster was ready for the scrap heap. Today, designers at the London-based Agency of Design are turning that practice on its head. As advocates of a circular economy, they believe that the best time to address end-of-life ...

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  • Broadway Theater Gives Troubled Teens a Second Act Apr 23-- When we transform troubled youth, we change their futures and our our own. But how to reach them? Stargate Theater in New York City has a novel approach: it pays court-involved and at-risk youth to script and stage performance pieces. This process gives youths the opportunity to express themselves while aiming to reduce recidivism, teach literacy, and provide valuable work ...

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  • Earth Guardians: Responding to Global Crisis Apr 22-- Since he was a kid, indigenous environmental activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez understood that all life is sacred and "each and every one of us is deeply connected not only to each other but to the world around us." At 6 years old, he saw Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary "The 11th Hour" and recognized that climate change is happening and that he has ...

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