• What We Measure. What We Value. And Why the Difference Matters. Oct 17-- This thought-provoking piece highlights the problems that can occur when we let what we measure tell us what to value. "Whether you are in business, government, non-profit or academics, the metrics that surround you drive your action. The purpose of all these metrics is to drive productive action, and if you instead interpret these metrics as a measure of value, ...

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  • The Myth of the Digital Gene Oct 16-- How do parents raise children in this digital age? In this TEDx talk, Mary Rothschild suggests that what children most need is a parent's loving attention. Concerned that media saturation intrudes on a child's imagination, she urges parents to consider the types of media their children are consuming and to make sure they also have plenty of free play, alone ...

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  • Snakes and Strawberries Oct 15-- What can the simplicity of a small home garden teach us about the complexities of the world? Perhaps that life is about finding harmony within ever-changing conditions. Recognizing how balance can be created, and when to act (or not act) according to the needs of the environment. In witnessing the dance of snakes and strawberries in her garden, the author ...

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  • The Refuge Oct 14-- For hundreds of generations, the Gwich'in people of Alaska and northern Canada have depended on the caribou that migrate through the Arctic Refuge. They believe that they are guardians of the herd, and that the fates of the people and the caribou are forever entwined. For the last 30 years, the Gwich'in have been fighting to preserve a pristine coastal ...

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  • An Unexpected Friend at Our Awakin Circle Oct 13-- Awakin Circles started two decades ago when a family in California decided to open their living room on a weekly basis for people to practice stillness, participate in a circle of sharing, and partake of a meal together. Today there are dozens of Awakin Circles held in homes that span the globe. In these ordinary settings, extraordinary stories unfold. Such ...

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  • A Visit to the Possibility Alliance Oct 12-- Peter Klamus returns to a simpler time, as he visits Possibility Alliance, a Missouri homestead with no electricity, gas, cars, or planes. Dinners are shared by candlelight and fireflies bring light to the night sky. Owners Ethan and Sarah Hughes acquired the land in 2007, and have welcomed thousands of visitors whom they educate about post-fossil-fuel-living. Their community is close-knit ...

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