• Seven Ways to Live in the Direction of Your Purpose Aug 12-- "How do you go about finding your purpose if its not obvious to you? Is it something you develop naturally over the course of a lifetime? Or are there steps you can take to encourage more purpose in your life? Likely both, says Kendall Bronk, a researcher who directs the Adolescent Moral Development Lab at Claremont Graduate University. People can ...

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  • Connect & Find Joy While Social Distancing Aug 11-- "Social distancing recommendations will remain in place for months to come, and until there's a vaccine, limits on big gatherings will likely continue. For the elderly or those who live alone, the isolation can be particularly grueling. But, people are finding new ways to interact with each other, even under extraordinary circumstances." NPR offers some strategies to connect with others. ...

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  • Celebrating Wendell Berry Aug 10-- "Wendell Berry has been an Orion contributor and advisor since the magazine's beginnings in 1982. Berry is the author of over forty books of poetry, fiction, and essays, and has farmed in Port Royal, Kentucky, for over forty years." Orion celebrated Wendell Berry's eighty-sixth birthday by compiling their all-time favorite writings from Berry, published in Orion over the past four ...

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  • Finding Balance in an Unstable World Aug 9-- "The present pandemic, which in a few short months has wreaked havoc across our world, is most likely caused by an imbalance in the natural world, as loss of habitat and biodiversity is not only driving animals to extinction but directly causing animal viruses to spread to humans. In response our leaders are using the images of conflict: We are ...

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  • Milford Zornes: An Artist's Life Aug 8-- "When I met Milford, he was 97 and blind. I met him on Friday and on Saturday he was going to give a watercolor workshop. Earlier that Friday, I'd asked his art dealer, "How does a painter give a workshop if he's blind?" "I don't know," the dealer said, "But he does!" I liked Zornes's paintings and asked, "Does he ...

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  • Breaking Reins Aug 7-- 'Breaking Reins' is a 13-minute gem of a film-- cut with precision, and sparkling with the truth of human experience. Epic themes fold into it compactly: Love and loss, grief's stranglehold, Nature's alchemy, and the resurrection of unbridled hope. Directed by a 14-year-old, shot over less than 2 days, and starring a first-time actor who in his day job has ...

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