• K9s for Warriors: Together We Stand Nov 15-- Sometimes it's not the human who rescues the dog, but the dog who rescues the human. K9s for Warriors, a program based out of Ponte Verda, Florida, was established in 2011 to help soldiers experiencing PTSD and other war trauma disabilities. The dogs are trained to be service dogs and address symptoms in their owners such as anxiety, isolation, depression, ...

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  • A Modern Elder Muses on Gratitude in Silicon Valley Nov 14-- What defines the modern elder? Wisdom? Success? Or something different altogether? In this article, Chip Conley reflects on his transition to a Silicon Valley tech startup at the age of 52, following a career in the hospitality industry. Surrounded by much younger coworkers, or "the land of the Millennials", Chip quickly realized that being an elder today is less about ...

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  • The Boy Who Wanted to Go to School Nov 13-- With hard work, determination, a little serendipity, and a lot of heart, Wubetu Shimelash made it all the way from a remote region of Ethiopia to a prominent U.S. university. This man who once fashioned sandals out of tires now dons a fedora and impresses everyone with his positive attitude, joyous spirit, and infectious smile. It is a story of ...

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  • How to Break the Loop of Our Destructive Patterns Nov 12-- When we're afraid, we often find ourselves caught up in habitual ways of responding that fail to bring us the relief we seek. "To keep repeating a baleful pattern without recognizing that we are caught in its loop is one of life's greatest tragedies; to recognize it but feel helpless in breaking it is one of our greatest trials; to ...

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  • The Dilemmas of Being a Benefactor Nov 11-- Carolyn North dreamed of removing land from the speculative market economy and putting it into the public trust in order to challenge our assumptions about "private property." A few years ago she found herself with the opportunity to follow through. However, she wanted and needed time, to plan and process. She discovered that being capable is not the same ...

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  • Letters from Max: A Book of Friendship Nov 10-- "In 2012, Sarah Ruhl was a distinguished author and playwright, twice a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize; Max Ritvo was an exuberant, opinionated, and highly gifted poet in remission from pediatric cancer. Studded with poems and songs, their correspondence is a deeply moving portrait of a friendship, and a shimmering exploration of love, art, mortality, and joy." What follows is ...

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The Psychology of Self-Righteousness "When it comes to moral judgments, we think we are ... 9630 Reads

Horse Herd Dynamics & the Art of Organizational Success "The horse herd is a 40-million-year-old system that not only ... 8034 Reads

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