• In the Beginning Was Love Nov 17-- "I think he [Robert Lax] understood the difference between hearing and listening, and he really emphasized the listening. In fact, one of the things he'd say when we walked along the Patmos shoreline was, 'Well, I'm going to go back up to my place now. There's a lot of listening I have to get to.'
    And listening for what? I ...

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  • The Gift of Cold Nov 16-- "For our ancestors, winter was a test of survival," writes Fabiana Fondevila, a journalist, children's book author and ritual maker from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She remarks that "although ... many of us ... have heated homes, transportation and warm clothing, the season of bare trees takes us back to the experience of that first vulnerability." In this poignant essay on ...

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  • One Activist's Oath, First Vow Not to Burn Out Nov 15-- Mushim Patricia Ikeda is a teacher, artist and activist. She's worked tirelessly for the upliftment of the marginalized. Through her work, Ikeda realized that the major danger for activists is burnout. "We need tools to address and prevent burnout and we need to go to the root of it," she said. It was in her earlier years during activist work ...

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  • Pass It Along: A Luthier Shares a Song Nov 14-- The saying "we are all connected as one" is a seeming platitude we have all heard, yet this piece shares fascinating evidence to confirm the truth that we are indeed connected on an atomic level. "Long story short, it turns out that no matter where you go in the world -- Antarctica, North Pole, Africa, you name it -- every ...

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  • Breaking Free from the Tyranny of Positivity Nov 13-- Ever been told to 'just be happy' or, to 'lighten up'? Does that really make you feel happier? For many, this advice leads to the opposite effect.
    Author of Emotional Agility and leading Harvard Medical School psychologist Susan David recently teamed up with award-winning journalist and author Maria Shriver for a unique conversation on why positivity doesn't necessarily lead to ...

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  • The Whisper of the Order of Things Nov 12-- A philosopher's questioning and a scientist's eye shape Enrique Martnez Celaya's original approach to art and to life. A world-renowned painter who trained as a physicist, he's fascinated by the deeper order that "whispers" beneath the surface of things. Works of art that endure, he says, possess their own form of consciousness. And a quiet life of purpose is a ...

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