• Five Limits Your Brain Puts on Generosity Jan 18-- When we give, we receive. Altruism is something that humans feel the benefit of. We can be incredibly empathetic. But what about the times when we aren't? Science has the answer. The brain actually puts certain limits - boundaries - on our expressions of good-natured giving. Learn about these 5 heart blocking brain responses. Awareness of these limits may allow ...

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  • Patrick O'Malley: Getting Grief Right Jan 17-- In this interview from "Insights from the Edge," grief counselor Patrick O'Malley discusses "closure," his journey, and his approach to grief, which diverges from the traditional five-stage grief model created by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. ...

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  • The Gifts of Imperfection Jan 16-- Have you ever wondered what makes it easier for some folks to bounce back from difficulties than others? Resilience, or the ability to overcome adversity, includes 5 core components: resourcefulness, help-seeking, the belief that they can do something to help manage their feelings and to cope, availability of social support, and connections with others. But there's more to the stories ...

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  • Why the Moral Argument for Non-Violence Matters Jan 15-- There is a difference between using nonviolent tactics and having nonviolent principles. That difference matters even more today. Kazu Haga, a Kingian Nonviolence trainer based in Oakland, California and founder and coordinator of East Point Peace Academy, explains that nonviolent tactics have victory as the goal and define people as opponents. Nonviolent principles have reconciliation as the goal and define ...

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  • The Life of Death Jan 14-- Marsha Onderstijn is a Dutch animator who studied at St. Joost Kunstacademie, a fine arts university in the Netherlands, specializing in 2D animation. In her hand-drawn piece, "Life of Death," Marsha follows a day with Death, who paradoxically learns to fall in love with life. This moving short animation paints Death as a warm character, interested in the goings on ...

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  • The Right Stuff: A Conversation with Jim Brooks Jan 13-- "I'd gone to the Elko, Nevada Cowboy Poetry Festival at the invitation of some friends. I'd been having a great time. "You've got to visit Capriolas," my friend said - Elkos famous vendor of cowboy gear. It's where I ran into the first black cowboy I'd seen at the festival. I didn't know it was Jim Brooks, a legendary figure. ...

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