• How I Survived the Loss of My Hands and Feet Oct 13-- Meet Corinne Hutton. Two years ago, she lost her hands and feet after catching a virus that turned her limbs septic. She knew she had a choice then and chose to live with zest and passion. Today, she is a busy mom who has climbed mountains, flown planes, started a charity, and enjoys getting dolled up for nights out with ...

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  • Where Good Ideas Come From Oct 12-- Where do ideas come from? Do they come to us in a "eureka moment" like Isaac Newton's proverbial apple falling on his head? Steven Johnson's research shows that it takes a long time (the slow hunch), and a space of sharing (the liquid network) for us to come up with our best ideas. In this TED talk, Johnson focuses on ...

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  • Leadership Lessons From Specially Abled Children Oct 10-- "I was of course at that time focusing on autism specifically. I kind of had a personal understanding of the situation. That led to a very interesting conversation with a very dear friend from Denmark, Thorkil Sonne, who also had a son with autism and who started a software company where all his employees were people on the spectrum. I ...

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  • Fixed vs Growth: Two Mindsets that Shape Our Lives Oct 9-- Years of research by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck highlights the power of our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, in shaping almost every aspect of our lives. "One of the most basic beliefs we carry about ourselves...has to do with how we view and inhabit what we consider to be our personality. A 'fixed mindset' assumes that our character, intelligence, and ...

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  • The Beauty We Can't See Oct 8-- We think we know beauty through sight, but these four visually impaired people envision beauty in a different form. Robert, Sheila, Sean, and Virginia describe how they visualize beauty through aspects such as a person's character, or through experience, such as the smell of warm, baked cookies or grass beneath ones feet. Beauty becomes an experience of living and finding ...

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