• Five Boys' Response to Bullying Feb 24-- Every morning, the students at Franklin Elementary in Mankato, Minnesota, take the Pledge of Allegiance. But five fifth-grade boys embody "liberty and justice for all." When the boys noticed their classmate with a learning disability getting teased, they banded together and made him a part of their gang. Watch this short film in which the boys themselves tell you why ...

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  • Jean Vanier: The Wisdom of Tenderness Feb 23-- Jean Vanier's life demonstrates tenderness. A philosopher, a Catholic social innovator, and the founder of The L'Arche movement, which is centered around people with mental disabilities, he has devoted his life to the practical application of Christianity's most paradoxical teachings: that there's power in humility, strength in weakness, and light in the darkness of human existence. The 147 L'Arche communities ...

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  • Living Needs Aging: A Conversation with Ashton Applewhite Feb 22-- In this interview ageism expert Ashton Applewhite discusses what she has learned over the course of her work. "People literally don't realize that it is no more acceptable to criticize someone on the basis of age than on the basis of anything else about themselves, I think the most important thing to think about is language-- because we live in ...

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  • The Secret to Happiness Around the World Feb 21-- Despite the many differences in what constitutes happiness in countries around the world, there are some common threads. The most notable has to do with material wealth: Few, if any, people around the globe find happiness through personal possessions and financial success. Rather, they tend to attain it by appreciating the little things in life and, more importantly, the people ...

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  • Poets and Sages Behind Closed Doors Feb 20-- Not all of us will reach old age. The lucky among us who aren't lost to disease, accident, or other unforeseen circumstances will have decades of adjustments to make as we age. We slow down, lines etch our faces, grey finds its way into our hair. At a certain point, it's likely that some of us will ...

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  • Hummingbirds: Bubbles Wrapped in Feathers Feb 19-- Their appearance has been described as "glittering fragments of rainbows, flamingo comets, and living gems," but equally fascinating and beautiful is what hummingbirds are physically able to do and how they are able to do it. Their bodies, bones, and feathers are filled with air -- which makes them little more than "bubbles wrapped in feathers" -- yet an adult ...

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