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The Empathy Library
Imagine a library filled with only the very best examples of human empathy. A treasure trove of inspiring books and films to 'spark a global empathy revolution.' This was the goal of author Roman Krznaric, who worked to capture the world's most memorable examples of empathy under one digital roof. His project, dubbed The Empathy Library, is swiftly being recognized as one of the best online commun... posted on Apr 17 2014, 976 reads


Helpful Tips For Your Inner Critic
Many believe that being hard on themselves will make them better people. However, research does not support this belief. Self-criticism has been shown to reduce motivation, increase procastination, and increase rumination. This article from the Greater Good Science Center summarizes some of the scientifically-proven healthier ways to take an honest look at yourself and learn from your mistakes. Fr... posted on Apr 16 2014, 9,641 reads


Carl Sagan & The Pale Blue Dot
"The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena...There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known." These are the words of astronomer Carl Sagan, taken from his book Pa... posted on Apr 15 2014, 9,302 reads


The Daily Routines of Geniuses
In his book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, author Mason Curry examines the schedules of 161 painters, writers, and composers, as well as philosophers, scientists, and other exceptional thinkers. Drawing from the examples Curry provides, Sarah Green of the Harvard Business Review picks out for us a set of compelling commonalities shared by some of history's most brilliant people.... posted on Apr 14 2014, 19,908 reads


Sprouting Seeds of Compassion
"One day, visiting a friend's house in Malibu, I met an old man who had spent his life planting trees. As we talked through the afternoon, with the blue Pacific murmuring rumors of the world's vastness, and nearness, he explained how trees were the ecological equivalent of one-stop shopping: they could restore degraded soil, increase crops, feed livestock, provide building materials and firewood, ... posted on Apr 13 2014, 5,912 reads


Owen & Haatchi: A Boy And His Dog
"The day that Haachi met Owen was utterly incredible. It was electric. It was spiritual...they immediately understood they were going to work together as a team," Colleen Drummond, Owen's stepmother. Owen is a 7-year old boy with a rare syndrome that leaves his muscles in a constant state of tension. Haatchi is an Anatolian Shepherd that was left to die on the railroad tracks, but managed to escap... posted on Apr 12 2014, 3,420 reads


The Woman Who Saved 200 Sloths
"Monique Pool first fell in love with sloths when she took in an orphan from a rescue centre. Since then many sloths have spent time in her home on their way back to the forest -- but even she found it hard to cope when she had to rescue 200 at once. It all began in 2005 when Pool lost her dog, and called the Suriname Animal Protection Society to see if they'd found it. They hadn't, but they told ... posted on Apr 06 2014, 7,232 reads


Birdman & The Shining Fire Hydrant
At first thought, prison might seem like an unusual place to go mining for wisdom. But Insight-Out might make you think differently. Insight-Out refers to a special program at California state prison San Quentin. It is a program that guides inmates on a healing process so they are able to come back out transformed and ready to serve others. One man, known simply as Birdman, offers a small story fr... posted on Apr 05 2014, 7,974 reads


The Power of 1% Shifts: Or How One Coach Beat the Odds
Imagine a scenario where you set your goal to win the Tour de France in five years time--and instead, you do it in three, and win it twice in a row. Not only that, your team goes on to win 70 percent of the Gold medals at the Olympics in the very same year you break your record for the Tour de France. Sound like a dream? This is what happened for the British cyclists on Team Sky when instead of fo... posted on Apr 04 2014, 23,820 reads


We Are Connected In Mysterious Ways
"In some mysterious way I am you and you are I. Certainly, I don't feel that I've understood this as deeply as it may be possible to understand it. But there is some way in which I have to be able to listen to you if I want to move in the direction of the kind of life that's possible for us here. There is nothing sentimental about that. There is something mysterious, I would say." In this powerful... posted on Apr 03 2014, 11,729 reads


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