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Mycelial Landscapes
Mycologist Merlin Sheldrake, creative director Barney Steel and filmmaker Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee embark on a compelling conversation on the role of mycelial webs in holding our landscapes together, and how our human systems can learn from that. The nature of fungi may just force us to rethink our traditional conceptions of individuality, intelligence, and life itself. "One of the things we might lea... posted on Feb 16 2024, 1,885 reads


An Offering of Remembrance
The world today is rapidly changing; yet, there is also a shifting landscape within each of us. Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee offers a stirring inquiry into the space between our relationship with the Earth and within ourselves. He begins, "The stories are within the words and the images, but they are also at the margins, in what is not said ... the real story that is unfolding beneath the surface is the c... posted on Feb 07 2024, 1,766 reads


Glacial Longings
"On the morning of our arrival, I run up to the bridge to watch Thwaites come into view. Out in the gathering light its gray margin wobbles in the gloaming. No one knows quite what to say. The words I conjurecirque, serac, cleft, torque, ski slope, rampartall slide off the surface of the ice, plopping one after the other into the bay right in front of Thwaites; a bay that had up until just a few w... posted on Feb 05 2024, 1,110 reads


Songs of Trees
Just how much is in one tiny patch of forest? Biologist and author David George Haskell found himself visiting the same square meter of forest again and again over the course of a year, and then many years since. "When we walk into a forest, we're not walking into a place that is full of separate interacting individuals ... We're walking into a living network, a place where every creature exists o... posted on Jan 07 2024, 4,211 reads


Deepening Into Regenerative Practice
Regeneration isn't just about climate change, it's about an evolution in our attitudes and values. In a riveting conversation between living systems catalysts Daniel Christian Wahl and Bill Reed, the principles and practices of regeneration emerge as a path towards ongoing personal and environmental growth. As Reed highlights, "the deliverable for a regenerative project is building the capacity an... posted on Dec 27 2023, 1,436 reads


Jessica Gigot: Moon
"The full moon rises over the blackberry bramble along the ditch. It has been shining so bright these past few nights, aiming light into all the dark spaces, memories, regrets. ... I am inside with our two girls. We can't afford a full-time babysitter, so in the afternoons, my husband and I alternate, fusing into one person running the farm. During this particular day I have milked the sheep and m... posted on Dec 15 2023, 1,299 reads


For Love of Nectar: The Dazzling Sunbirds of India
When the sun is out in India, and if one is lucky to have access to a dense patch of native trees in flagrant, fragrant bloom, one is quite likely to see darting sunbirds. Sunbirds are to India what hummingbirds are to the Americas. Small birds with curved beaks that guzzle flower nectar. Dressed in an astounding colour palette that include hues as vivid as metallic green, lime yellow, deep hibisc... posted on Oct 22 2021, 5,230 reads


Ecology by A.K. Ramanujam
"We live in times of such great potency. The time of the sixth mass extinction that a vast majority of us are participating in and co-creating, just by how we live our lives, and the choices that we make. We human beings, need the tree beings, the kingdom of the plant people, for our very breath; and if we wish to steward our planetary home away from what appears to be an inevitable fate of climat... posted on Oct 08 2021, 3,850 reads


Speaking River, Speaking Rain
"Are languages then just a collection of words, syntax, and semantics? I'd like to sometimes see them as seeds and sometimes as fields - alive as the minds, tongues, throats, bodies and air they pass through; germinating, growing roots, bearing fruit, evolving like beings. But also holding space, expanding out like a unique land of perception. A non-physical geography hosting human and non-human d... posted on Mar 07 2021, 5,398 reads


How Green Is My Forest
"We are the people of this land. We are nature, human and non-human. These are our bodies. Together we are one body, we are creation, and always will be. We matter. Humus, seed, fruit, tooth, organ, blood and bone. We are root, water, mud, alga and stone. We are the snap of bladderwort. We are buttress-rooted trees. Orchid, fern, dragonfly, elephant, monkey; we are larva, worm, cocoon; creeper, li... posted on Oct 14 2018, 4,924 reads


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