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Tsunamika: The Little Doll Changing the World
"Fashion designer Uma Prajapati was sifting through emails at her office desk one sun-streaked afternoon in 2005, when a particular note caught her eye. It was from a young woman in Mumbai, India, who described her struggles with depression. At her lowest, she'd decided to end her life. The letter writer explained that as she was leaving her office for the last time, her eyes fell on a small scrap... posted on Sep 29 2022, 1,303 reads


The Way Knows the Way
"When I was growing up, my mama made up songs for everything. Potty training? Sing about it. Your hearts deepest longing? In song. I learned: like birds, we sing. Simple plain, because were alive. For me Song is a protection mantle, a wise friend, a presence meditation, a comic relief. Song anchors us in our breathing bodies, resonant chambers. Song lives in the crosshairs of Right Here + ... posted on Sep 28 2022, 2,167 reads


5 Questions on Your Relationship to Time
Oliver Burkeman's book, "Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals, is all about how and why to reevaluate your relationship with time -- starting with the startling brevity of the average human life span, which gave the book its title. Burkeman doesn't pull any punches from there. To help guide us weary time travelers, Burkeman's book poses five questions to help you reconsider your relati... posted on Sep 27 2022, 2,271 reads


Ama Torrance: Without a Recipe
"I'm not a traditionalist. I don't really stick with the rules of anything. I can't follow a recipe in a recipe book. I have to do it my way. So I get the basic tenets of how things work, you know. If you want to make banana bread you look at a bunch of recipes and figure out how everything works together and then you make it however you want to make it." Richard Whittaker's curiosity was piqued w... posted on Sep 26 2022, 994 reads


Peace Pilgrim: A Life of Service
"On January 1, 1953, at age 44, Mildred Lisette Norman changed her name to Peace Pilgrim, put
on a pair of canvas sneakers, donned dark blue slacks, blouse, and a tunic--on which she had
sown her new name--and set out to walk the length of the country leaving from Pasadena, CA...She would walk non-stop for the next 28 years, weaving back and forth across the country, and
makin... posted on Sep 25 2022, 1,868 reads


The Greatest Nature Essay Ever
"The Greatest Nature Essay ever would begin with an image so startling and lovely and wondrous that you would stop riffling through the rest of the mail, take your jacket off, sit down at the table, adjust your spectacles, tell the dog to lie down, tell the kids to make their own sandwiches for heavenssake, thats why god gave you hands, and read straight through the piece, marveling that you had i... posted on Sep 24 2022, 2,205 reads


We the People
Through hopeful lyrics and joyous dance, Nimo Patel and Ellie Walton's "We the People" video is a call to unity, togetherness and equality. It reminds us that if we learn to love, if we learn to listen, the good will indeed come someday. Sing along and let your spirit be lifted.... posted on Sep 23 2022, 1,378 reads


A Culture of Simplicity
"Wabi sabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. It is a beauty of things modest and humble. Wabi-sabi is a nature-based aesthetic paradigm that restores a measure of sanity and proportion to the art of living. Wabi-sabi -- deep, multi-dimensional, elusive -- is the perfect antidote to the pervasively slick, saccharine, corporate style of beauty." More in this short excerpt ... posted on Sep 22 2022, 1,733 reads


Stretch Your Heart and Say What You Mean
"Join Sounds True's Tami Simon in conversation with author and teacher Oren Jay Sofer, as he shares his innovative method for productive discourse and authentic connection. In Stretch Your Heart and Say What You Mean, Tami and Oren explore how contemplative practice is an essential ingredient for healthy conversations and relationships, and vice versa; three foundations for mindful communication; ... posted on Sep 21 2022, 2,304 reads


Healing Wealth In The Time Of Collapse
"Post capitalist philanthropy is a paradox in terms. A paradox is the appropriate starting place for the complex, entangled, messy context we find ourselves in as a species...There is a sheer irony in the act of arbitrarily giving away relatively small portions of money (compared to wealth holdings) derived from an unjust, extractive system within a philanthropic framework that enables tax-free, p... posted on Sep 20 2022, 1,827 reads


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